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LGBT and Stonewall

Some of my best friends are liberal. Bernie Sanders

wfcsNew STI figures show rapid increases among gay men
23 June 2015
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I'm out and I'm Proud Gonorrhoea 'causing huge concern'
wfcwPolish President Calls 'LGBT Ideology' More Harmful Than Communism
13 June, 2020
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Polish President Andrzej Duda accused the LGBT rights movement Saturday of promoting a viewpoint more harmful than communism and said he agreed with another conservative politician who stated that “LGBT is not people, it’s an ideology.”
wfcwEU threatens Polish funding over 'LGBTI-free' zones
18 June 2020
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The EU has threatened to cut pandemic-recovery funds to Polish regions on grounds of their gay-bashing declarations.
The thinly-veiled threat came in a recent letter from the European Commission, seen by EUobserver, to five Polish local governors who had declared their regions to be "LGBTI-free" zones.
wfcwPhillip Schofield's wife left 'shattered' by him coming out as gay: 'Terribly hurtful'
Feb 8, 2020
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PHILLIP SCHOFIELD'S wife of almost 27 years, Stephanie Lowe, has reportedly been left "absolutely shattered" by him coming out as gay in spite of "being a rock" for the This Morning host amid his announcement.
wfcwBBC News - The gay men breaking blood donation rules
18 June 2019
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Men who have sex with men are barred from giving blood in England, Scotland and Wales for three months after sexual activity - but some are deciding to break the rules.
"It galls me every time I hear an advert on the radio asking for people to give blood, when there's a huge section of society that is just denied that for no good reason," says David - not his real name.
wfcwBBC News - Sexually transmitted infections: UK's sexual health 'not in good shape'
5 February 2020
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Two leading sexual health charities are calling on the government to invest more in sexual health clinics and sex education in the UK.
The Terrence Higgins Trust and British Association for Sexual Health and HIV have teamed up to say more needs to be done.
The report looked into nearly half a million STI diagnoses in 2018 and found cases of gonorrhoea were up by 249% and syphilis up by 165% in the last ten years.
Research also found that the people most affected by STIs were gay men, who accounted for 75% of all syphilis and nearly 50% of gonorrhoea diagnoses in England.
BHRUT NHS trust relaunches LGBT+ network
wfcwBHRUT NHS trust relaunches LGBT+ network
16th November 2019
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Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (BHRUT) relaunched the LGBT+ staff network which promotes ‘inclusive organisation’ on Monday, November 11.
The network, which held a Pride event in June this year, is there to support staff as well as provide a more inclusive atmosphere across the trust.
To celebrate the relaunch, the trust launched a dual rainbow and BHRUT lanyard for staff to wear and ward visits.
The trust has changed its uniform policy to allow staff to wear rainbow lanyards in support of its LGBT+ community.
Almost 1,000 staff across the trust have also made a pledge and received a special rainbow badge to show their support since they were launched earlier this year
wfcwLesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT+) network
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The NHS England Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans (LGBT+) staff network aims to work in partnership with NHS England to create a safe, inclusive and diverse working environment that encourages respect and equality for all and a space that values and recognises the differences between sexual orientation and gender identity and works proactively to address these.
Membership is open to all NHS England staff who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and those with a positive interest in driving forward diversity and inclusion within NHS England as an employer. To be inclusive we are using the widest terminology of LGBT+ for membership of the network.
The Executive Committee will manage the network, encourage members to get involved and liaise with NHS England and other partners.
Europe’s Demographic Suicide
wfcwBirthrate in England and Wales at lowest since records began
August 1 2019,
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The decline may be explained by higher infertility or women waiting until later in life to start families
The birthrate in England and Wales has fallen to a record low with a drop of 10 per cent since 2012.
Official figures show that there were 657,076 live births last year or 11.1 per 1,000 people, the lowest rate since records began in 1938. The ageing population may have contributed to the decline as well as a falling fertility rate.
Women are each having fewer babies than at any point in the past 16 years, with the total fertility rate dropping to 1.7 children per woman in 2018 from 1.76 the previous year
wfcwwfcweRemarkable' decline in fertility rates
9 November 2018
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There has been a remarkable global decline in the number of children women are having, say researchers.
Their report found fertility rate falls meant nearly half of countries were now facing a "baby bust" - meaning there are insufficient children to maintain their population size.
The researchers said the findings were a "huge surprise".
And there would be profound consequences for societies with "more grandparents than grandchildren".
How big has the fall been?
The study, published in the Lancet, followed trends in every country from 1950 to 2017.
In 1950, women were having an average of 4.7 children in their lifetime. The fertility rate all but halved to 2.4 children per woman by last year.
But that masks huge variation between nations.
The fertility rate in Niger, west Africa, is 7.1, but in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus women are having one child, on average.
wfcwVatican launches guide to tackle 'educational crisis' on gender
11 Jun 2019
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The Vatican has launched into the debate on gender ideology, publishing an educational document called “Male and female he created them” in a bid to tackle what it called “an educational crisis”.
The paper is intended to help Catholic school teachers counter ideas which “deny the natural difference between a man and a woman”, and is subtitled “Towards a path of dialogue on the question of gender theory in education”.
The document drawn up by the church’s education ministry states: “It is becoming increasingly clear that we are now facing with what might accurately be called an educational crisis, especially in the field of affectivity and sexuality.”
wfcwCatholic Lite and Europe’s Demographic Suicide
by George Weigel
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Europe is committing demographic suicide, systematically depopulating itself in what British historian Niall Ferguson has called “the greatest sustained reduction in European population since the Black Death in the fourteenth century.”
This unwillingness to create the future in the most elemental sense, by creating new generations, is at the root of many of Europe’s problems, including its difficulties assimilating immigrants and its fiscal distress.
When an entire continent—healthier, wealthier, and more secure than ever before—deliberately chooses sterility, the most basic cause for that must lie in the realm of the human spirit, in a certain souring about the very mystery of being.
wfcwPride in Waltham Forest
Why it’s time for Waltham Forest’s first Pride event
13 July 2018
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Late last year there were two violent homophobic attacks in Walthamstow – with gay men punched and told “you are not welcome”.
This is against the backdrop of a soaring number of attacks on lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Britain – a near 80 per cent rise in the past four years. Two in five trans people have experienced a hate crime or incident based on their gender identity in the last 12 months.
wfcwFeminist’s poster removed after complaint from transgender activist
26 September  2018
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The poster featured only six words: “Woman, women, noun, adult human female.” Yet they were still deemed too dangerous by one transgender activist who has branded the poster, which carries the dictionary definition of woman, as hate speech in an “absurd” and “Orwellian” row.
The giant poster in Liverpool quoted the definition of woman, according to the Google dictionary.
It survived for about a week before it was removed under pressure from Adrian Harrop, a Twitter activist and NHS doctor, who complained that it made transgender people feel unsafe.
The poster was taken down by the billboard company, which offered an apology after a complaint from Adrian Harrop, a Twitter activist
He successfully demanded its removal after lobbying the chief executive and senior directors of the billboard company, Primesight, on social media, accusing them of being complicit “in the spread of transphobic hate speech”.
wfcwCanal St Manchester
Canal St and the Gay Village  is recognised as the UK's LGBT centre, outside of London. The Gay Village is home to many annual events, such as Sparkle the Trans Festival, the Bears Bash and The Skins Weekend. The regions thriving Lesbian community is also centred in the Gay Village, with established venues like Vanilla serving the Women's scene.
wfcwSchoolgirls face ban on skirts
1 July 2018
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For schoolgirls, the skirt is on the way out. An analysis of the uniform policies of schools in England shows that at least 40 secondaries have stopped girls from wearing them, while others are consulting on a ban.
The change to trousers comes as schools opt for gender-neutral uniforms to cater for transgender pupils
Transactivists erase lesbians - Internecine warfare?
wfcwAnti-trans group allowed to lead Pride in London march after hijack
7 July 2018
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 Pride in London has been “hijacked” by a group of anti-transgender campaigners who forced their way to the front of the march.
The annual Pride march today was set to be led by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and NHS staff, but has been disrupted as an anti-trans group forced their way to the front of the parade.
A PinkNews reporter filmed live from the scene and witnessed the group of about ten women take the lead spot of Pride, with security and police doing nothing to remove them.
The group carried signs with anti-trans slogans, such as “transactivists erase lesbians”, while they distributed leaflets opposing trans-friendly reforms to the Gender Recognition Act,  and calling for trans women to be banned from women’s spaces.
wfcwStonewall withdraws from Pride in London over 'lack of diversity'
23 Feb 2018
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Charity will instead support UK Black Pride after concerns event is not inclusive enough
Stonewall, Britain’s biggest LGBT charity, has pulled out of this year’s Pride in London festival, citing concerns over the event’s “lack of diversity”.
The charity said it would instead extend support to UK Black Pride, an event for LGBT minority ethnic people that also takes place every year in the capital.

wfcw UK Black Pride
UK Black Pride promotes unity and co-operation among all Black people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American descent, as well as their friends and families, who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender.
Rainbow flag LBWF Management board LGBT champion
17 May 2007
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Senior management have a clear commitment to doing more to support LGBT equality in the workplace.
Following from a Management Development Programme (MDP) project report in 2005, Waltham Forest Council supported staff to set up a steering group to help remove the barriers faced by LGBT staff.
wfcwPatients visiting NHS will have to say if they are GAY under 'Orwellian' new plans
15 October, 2017
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ANYONE visiting the NHS for a doctor or hospital appointment will have to disclose their sexuality under “Orwellian” new rules, an official NHS document revealed.
As of April 2019, anyone aged over 16 will have to say whether they are gay, straight or bisexual.
NHS England refused to give details about how the information will be collected and there are fears that patients may be quizzed by GPs, nurses or even receptionists.
Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “It sounds intrusive and Orwellian.”
wfcwBan the NHS nosey parkers! Royal doctor calls for end to snooping on patients sex lives
18 January 2018
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A TOP doctor has blasted health chiefs for ordering GPs to ask all patients “intrusive” questions about their sexual orientation.
Dr Michael Dixon, a GP for 35 years and a medical adviser to Prince Charles, slammed new equality rules as “political correctness gone mad”.
Guidelines issued at the end of last year require doctors to ask adult patients if they are “heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual or other”. 
NHS England says it needs to record the orientation of people to fulfil its legal duties under the Equalities Act.
Devon-based Dr Dixon – who is chairman of the College of Medicine – said the diktat could damage his relationship with patients, some of whom would think he had “gone bonkers”. Writing in the respected British Medical Journal, he said: “Making doctors ask all their patients about their sexual orientation is political correctness gone mad.
Gay Times editor sacked after antisemitic and offensive tweets
wfcwGay Times sacks editor after antisemitic and offensive tweets emerge
16 November 2017
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The editor of Gay Times has been sacked for tweeting a series of antisemitic and misogynistic comments as well as using Twitter to attack gay people, homeless people and disabled children.
Josh Rivers, the first BME editor of a gay men’s magazine, took the position only last month, but his future was placed in jeopardy after a string of incendiary posts on his Twitter account between 2010 and 2015 came to light. He was suspended by the magazine on Wednesday and on Thursday morning, it announced that it had dismissed him.
In a statement, it said: “After an investigation of the facts surrounding historical tweets by Josh Rivers, the newly appointed Editor of Gay Times magazine; we announce that his employment has been terminated with immediate effect.
Dad is mum. Mum is dad, Dum and Mad?
wfcwUK’s first GENDER FLUID FAMILY: mum is dad, dad is mum and child is non-specific
14 August 2017
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Nikki and Louise Draven said they do not want their son Star Cloud to get “hung up” on being a boy. 
Louise was born a man but is having hormone treatment to transform into a woman, while Nikki was born a woman but identifies as both male and female. 
Star views Louise as his mother, although she is her biological father, and Nikki as his father, although she is his birth mother. 
wfcwBBC under fire for using children in 'social experiment' to create 'gender neutral school'
6 August 2017
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The BBC describe the show as a “bold, engaging and provocative experiment” which is the inspiration of medical doctor Javid Abdelmoneim.
According to the BBC, the doctor “aims to remove all differences in the way boys and girls are treated to see if, after six weeks of “gender neutral” treatment, he can even out the gaps in their achievement across a range of important psychological measures from self-confidence to spatial awareness”.
The results of the experiment will be shown in two-part BBC2 documentary No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free? on August 16.
wfcwRoyal family's first gay wedding
15 June 2018
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Lord Ivar Mountbatten, son of the 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven and cousin to the Queen, is in a reflective mood. He picks up a photograph taken 24 years ago on the day of his wedding to his former wife Penny, the mother of their three daughters. 'That was the best day of my life,' he says. 'I loved it.'
Two years ago, Lord Ivar created quite a stir when he confessed to having struggled with his sexuality throughout most of that 16-year marriage. Finally, he admitted he was gay after finding contentment with his new love James Coyle, whom he met in the swish Swiss ski resort of Verbier.
Prince George can ascend the throne and become the first gay King of England
wfcwPrince George 'gay icon' article branded 'sick'
10 August 2017
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An article in PinkNews, speculating that Prince George has become a gay icon, has sparked a formal complaint from a Northern Ireland politician.
The online article was published after the four-year-old prince was photographed with his hands on his face in a helicopter in Germany last month.
Jim Allister, leader of the Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) party, described the article as "outrageous and sick".
The chief executive of PinkNews, Benjamin Cohen, told BBC News NI he had "no intention" of removing the article at the behest of a politician who opposed the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.
wfcwMaking history: Prince William appears on the cover of Attitude
June 22, 2016
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On Thursday 12 May 2016, His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge invited Attitude magazine to bring members of the LGBT+ community to Kensington Palace to hear their experiences of homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic bullying, and discuss the mental health implications it has. Attitude editor Matthew Todd facilitated the discussion.
After meeting with the nine delegates, Prince William then posed for the cover of Attitude magazine.
wfcwReported sex offences against males in England and Wales up 200%
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Reports of sexual offences against men and boys have risen by more than 200% in the past decade, figures show.
Between 2006-07 and 2016-17, the number of offences reported, including rape, increased from 3,819 to 12,130, said the Office for National Statistics.
Andy Connolly, from Survivors UK, said victims were beginning to feel they would be believed but there was still a "massive wall of silence".
A 2015 survey estimated about 96% of offences against males go unreported.
Mr Connolly, chief executive of male rape and sexual abuse charity Survivors UK, said: "We do know of men who come forward and they just meet comments like 'men can't get raped, they can't be sexually abused' and are treated with disbelief that it is even a thing that happens to men."
wfcwIsle of Wight MP steps down after 'gay danger remark'
28 April 2017
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An MP is standing down after reportedly telling students that homosexuality was "wrong" and "dangerous to society
Andrew Turner, the Conservative MP for the Isle of Wight, was said to have made the remarks on a visit to a college in Newport
They were quickly posted on social media by one of the students, Esther Poucher, 16, who expressed "outrage".
Mr Turner announced he would stand down five hours after Ms Poucher's Facebook post.
He said: "After 16 years I have come to the decision that it is time for a new generation to take up the mantle of representing my fantastic constituents."
wfcwA record number of LGBTQ people were just elected to the British Parliament
11 June 2017
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The British election was remarkable for many things — particularly the weak showing of Theresa May’s Conservative Party. But there was a milestone less widely noted: British voters elected 45 out LGBTQ candidates to parliament — 7 percent of its 650 members.
Those 45 MPs are an increase over the already high-water mark of 32 elected in 2015.
wfcwTim Farron, resigns
14 June 2017
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Liberal Democrat leader quits after finding it 'impossible' to be a committed Christian and political leader.
He spoke out about the scrutiny he faced on matters of his religion.
“There are Christians in politics who take the view that they should impose the tenets of faith on society, but I have not taken that approach because I disagree with it - it's not liberal and it is counterproductive when it comes to advancing the gospel.
MI6, 'people perform better when they can be themselves'
wfcw'Gay spies work better when they can be open' says MI6 chief
19 January 2017
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Gay spies work better when they can be open about their sexuality, MI6’s chief said today.
Alex Younger, head of the Secret Intelligence Service, known as C, said it was important his staff were able to be “authentic” at work despite having to hide their real job from the outside world.
He spoke out after MI6 was ranked 20th in Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers for 2017, having risen from 36th a year ago.
MI5, SIS’s domestic counterpart, came fifth in the Stonewall employer league table — having topped the  ranking last year, a spot taken for 2017 by Lloyds Banking Group — and GCHQ was 75th.
Younger, said that MI6 is “serious” about offering its staff “a real work/life balance”, including flexible and part-time working hours if possible, as well as “generous” shared parental leave and pay.:
The heterosexism of wider society is the origin of discrimination against lesbian and gay men.
wfcwBroken Rainbow: 'Chaotic' LGBT charity received £1.4m in grants
27 April 2017
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A charity for LGBT people that collapsed after receiving £1.4m in public money was "chaotic", according to a National Audit Office report.
Broken Rainbow received at least £120,000 a year from the Home Office between 2008 and 2016.
It received another £30,000 in April 2016 - despite being threatened with closure by Companies House.
The NAO said there were comparisons with Kids Company, the high-profile charity that collapsed in 2015.
Broken Rainbow, which aimed to highlight and combat domestic violence in the LGBT community, was founded in 2004 and was funded mainly by the Home Office.
Between 2004 and 2016, the charity received an annual grant of at least £120,000, with the exception of 2007/08, when it received £30,000.
After its collapse, Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin, who is also chairman of the House of Commons Public Administration committee, asked the NAO to investigate.
S tonewall LBWF
Top 100 Stonewall
Waltham Forest Council, 2011
Our members know that people perform better when they can be themselves.
"At £2,000 per annum, membership represents exceptional value for money and a cost-effective way of implementing employers’ responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010."
Council comment:
"The heterosexism of wider society is the origin of discrimination against lesbian and gay men."
Getting into the Stonewall Top 100 is great news for Waltham Forest and a real testament to our commitment.
The definitive guide Kaleidoscope
Election - June 2017
wfcwThe UK just elected a record number of LGBTQ people to Parliament
9th June 2017
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The UK has elected a record number of LGBTQ people to Parliament, election guru Professor Andrew Reynolds reports.
45 out LGBTQ MPs were elected on June 8, a net gain of six.
The 45 represent 7% of the new House of Commons and is the highest level of representation ever in Britain and the world, representing a rise from 2015.
19 LABOUR (7%)
7 SNP (20%)
There are eight new LGBTQ faces in parliament. All men. Five Labour, three Tories.
Polari bible
wfcwChurch 'regret' as trainees hold service in gay slang
4 February 2017
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A Church of England theological college has expressed regret after trainee priests held a service in the antiquated gay slang language Polari.
The service at the chapel of Westcott House in Cambridge was to commemorate LGBT history month.
The congregation was told the use of the lexicon was an attempt to "queer the liturgy of evening prayer".
But officials said it had not been authorised and was at variance with the doctrine and teaching of the church.
wfcwThe Polari Bible
06 August 2015
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Welcome to www.polaribible.org, the home of the Polari Bible. How bona to varda your dolly old eke.
Please feel free to quote, link and use the Polari Bible as you see fit, although we would ask that you include suitable attribution where appropriate.
Go forth and sin some more!
Pink news Gay-friendly ‘Queen James’ Bible launched
13th December 2012
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A San Francisco Episcopal minister has launched the Queen James Bible, described as a new “Gay Friendly Bible.”
David Cameron, Pink News award
wfcwDavid Cameron gets award for introducing same-sex marriage
read ...
26 October 2016
Former prime minister David Cameron has been honoured for introducing same-sex marriage in England and Wales as he is recognised as “ally of the year” at the PinkNews awards held in Westminster.
The award was presented to Cameron at his new central London offices by PinkNews chief executive Benjamin Cohen and his fiance, Dr Anthony James, along with Subodh Rathod and Niranjan Kamatkar, who were among couples who married on the first day same-sex marriage was legal.
wfcwMet chief Cressida Dick says diversity is at the heart of her role
18 April 2017
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Cressida Dick, the new police commissioner said battling to reduce surging levels of violence, including gun and knife crime, will be at the centre of her role.
She added that in many cases young people not linked to gangs were carrying weapons in the mistaken belief it made them safer.
Britain's new top police officer last night said diversity was at the heart of her role as she confirmed she was in a same-sex relationship with a colleague.

Bisexual, pansexual or LGBTQIAPK ?
wfcwThe rise of bisexual Britain
6 October 2016
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The number of British people defining themselves as “bisexual” has jumped by 45 per cent in just three years, according new official estimates.
For the first time, more young people in the UK describe themselves as bisexual than gay or lesbian combined, the figures from the Office for National Statistics show.
A survey by YouGov published last year found that half of young people, and almost a quarter of the population overall, define themselves as something other than 100 per cent heterosexual.
wfcwWhat Do All Those Letters Mean, Anyway? Defining LGBTQIAPK
June 11, 2012
read ...
Lyla Cicero breaks down all those letters in the gender, sexual orientation, and sexuality spectrum, and even proposes adding a couple more letters to the already-lengthy acronym.
That list of letters keeps growing and growing because the variations in human sexuality and gender identity are infinite. We probably need the whole alphabet to cover them.
The once-a-day pill, which costs £400 a month
wfcwRemarkable' drop in new HIV cases among men
22 June 2017
read …
For the first time, new diagnoses of HIV have fallen among men who have sex with men in England, according to data from Public Health England.
They have decreased from 2,060 in 2014-15 to 1,700 in 2015-16, while in London there was an even steeper drop.
PHE said increased testing, fast treatment with HIV therapy and the use of preventative drug Prep have all contributed to the trend.
New HIV diagnoses among heterosexuals have remained stable.
While huge advances have been made in treating HIV/Aids, there has been frustration at a lack of progress in reducing the number of men being diagnosed each year.
wfcwNHS told to give out £5,000-a-year lifestyle drug to prevent HIV - as vital cataract surgery is rationed  
3 August 2016
read ...
The NHS has been told to prescribe a drug to prevent HIV despite concerns it is expensive and could encourage 'sexual risk taking'.
The drug would be given to up to 10,000 gay men who don't have HIV but are at high risk of being infected through unprotected sex. But critics, including one Aids charity, warn it is a strategy 'fraught with dangers'.
They say it could encourage men to have sex with multiple partners without condoms and may even lead to higher HIV rates as it is not 100 per cent effective.
Sigma Research Sigma Research
Sigma Gay Men's Sex Survey
Some brief Waltham Forest results of the MSM survey:
51.6% of gay men in WF were not happy with their sex life -#8
21.1% had never been tested for HIV -#9
23.8% had been tested positive for HIV -#11
53.4% had sex within previous 7 days -#21
64.8% said nothing about their HIV status before having sex with a non steady partner -#23
71.0% had more than one anal/vaginal intercourse partner in the last 12 months -#24
41.6% had anal sex w/o using a condom within last 6 months -#25
.8% experienced homophobic physcal abuse within the last 6 months -#28
wfcwNew STI figures show rapid increases among gay men
23 June 2015
read ...
Latest figures published today (23 June 2015) from Public Health England (PHE) show there were 439,243 sexually transmitted infections (STIs) reported in England in 2014.
The impact of STIs remains greatest in young people under the age of 25 years and gay men (gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men).
wfcwLondon 'fellatio cafe' planned near Paddington station
3 August 2016
read ...
An entrepreneur plans to set up a ‘fellatio café' in central London where customers receive oral sex while having a cappuccino.
Catering exclusively for men, Mr Charvet said the business would be like a “normal café” where up to 100 customers can sit and drink a coffee - but also be given oral sex by an escort
It would be "sensible" not to appoint men ...
wfcw Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom: Men should not be nannies because they may be paedophiles
14 July 2016
read ...
Andrea Leadsom has suggested men should not be hired to look after young children because they may be paedophiles.
During a discussion on the challenges faced by parents, the newly-appointed Environment Secretary said it would be "sensible" not to appoint males for childcare duties.
wfcwChild sex abuse inquiry: Judge Lowell Goddard quits
4 August 2016
read ...
Judge Lowell Goddard has resigned as the head of the UK's independent inquiry into child sexual abuse, the home secretary has announced.
The inquiry was set up in March 2015 to examine claims made against public and private institutions.
Home Secretary Amber Rudd said a new chair would be appointed.
wfcwWestminster becomes the world's gayest Parliament with 32 openly gay, lesbian and bisexual MPs
13 May 2015
read ...
There are 13 Conservative, 12 Labour and six SNP MPs who are openly gay.  In the last Parliament there were 26 gay, lesbian and bisexual members.   
wfcwKeith Vaz 'paid for male escorts', Sunday Mirror claims
4 September 2016
read ...
Labour MP Keith Vaz, the married father-of-two paid for the men to visit him one evening last month at a flat he owns in London, the Sunday Mirror claims.
Mr Vaz, who is chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee told the paper he was referring the claims to his solicitor and would be seeking advice.
The Mail on Sunday says he has stepped aside as committee chairman.
wfcwPolice hunt Victoria line Tube passenger over 'prolonged sex attack' on man in rush hour
31 May 2017
read …
A 38-year-old man, who was on his way to work in rush hour, boarded the busy Victoria line train from Finsbury Park when another passenger pressed himself against him, police say.
His attacker then began touching him inappropriately and did not stop until his shocked victim got off the train at King’s Cross, it is claimed.
Detectives have now released an image of a man they want to trace following the incident.
wfcwMexico City metro's 'penis seat' sparks debate
31 March 2017
read …
When a new style of seat suddenly appeared on Mexico City's metro system, it was labelled as inappropriate, uncomfortable, humiliating and embarrassing. It was supposed to be.
The seat, moulded to include a protruding penis and chest, was designed to highlight sexual harassment experienced by female passengers.
The explanation next to the men-only label read: "It is uncomfortable to sit here, but that is nothing compared to the sexual violence that women suffer on their daily journeys."
wfcwPoet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy is under fire over controversial Poem
19 June 2016
read ... 
Poet Laureate's lament for the Orlando dead... by declaring God is gay: Carol Ann Duffy criticised over controversial claim as she pens tribute to nightclub victims 
 Her latest verse cited gay people in a range of professions as well as God
Government, business and broadcasting on Stonewall
Stonewall Youtube Theresa May on YouTube Babcock education Stephen Twigg David Cameron Jeff Davis
on Youtube
Theresa May MP
Home Secretary
Lyndsey Buchanan
Cohesion Advisor, Babcock
Stephen Twigg MP
Shadow Education Secretary
David Cameron
on gay marriage
Jeff Davis
Barclays Bank
Mark Thompson Daily MailBBC told to put more gay presenters on children's TV to 'familiarise' youngsters with different sexualities
read ...
Study said gay presenters would 'validate' the feelings of gay children. It said this was important for young people in their ' formative years.' Report said BBC News gave too much time to 'homophobic' viewpoints. It also recommended having more gay characters in dramas and soaps.
Mark Thompson,
BBC Director General
wfcwOne in six BBC stars 'must be gay or lesbian or disabled' by 2020 says new staff-hiring guidelines at the corporation 
23 April 2016
read ...
LGBT and disabled people must each constitute eight per cent of roles
Half of all corporation's on-screen and broadcasting roles will go to women
Representation of ethnic minorities remains at target of 15 per cent 
Part of new diversity pledges unveiled by broadcaster following criticism
wfcw A San Francisco Episcopal minister has launched the Queen James Bible, described as a new “Gay Friendly Bible.” wfcw Our conviction calls us to respond in prophetic and authentic ways to anything which diminishes people because of the gender of the person they fall in love with.
wfcwMI5 named Britain's most gay-friendly employer
19 January 2016
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The security service, which has a “reverse mentoring” scheme that buddies straight managers with junior gay staff, topped the index of the best 100 employers for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality compiled by the charity Stonewall.
Andrew Parker, Director-General, MI5 said: “Diversity is vital for MI5, not just because it’s right that we represent the communities we serve, but because we rely on the skills of the most talented people whoever they are, and wherever they may be.
Lloyds Banking Group took second place in the Top 100 Employers index, followed by the National Assembly for Wales and social housing provider B3Living.
Over 400 organisations took part in the index this year, with the top 100 dominated by local government, education and healthcare.
mi6MI6 job advert (endorsed by gay rights group) seeks spies 'committed to diversity and equality'
28 February 2014
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MI6 has signed up to Stonewall’s diversity champions programme. It aims to make workplaces 'gay friendly' and compliant with equality law.
In the 007 spy films, James Bond’s driving passions are deadly weapons, fast cars and faster women. But according to a job advert placed by MI6 yesterday, the world of espionage is rather more mundane. The Secret Intelligence Service says it wants ‘empathetic’ recruits who are ‘able to get on with diverse groups of people’.
wfcw Britain's military ranks second on gay inclusion index
21 February 2014
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Britain’s military is the second most gay-friendly in the world, according to an independent thinktank.
The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies ranked more than 100 armed forces by inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender personnel.
The study, based on around 20 policies and practices, put New Zealand at number one while the UK shared second place with the Netherlands. The UK armed forces received top scores for putting the gay community at the forefront of all policies and practices around admission, tolerance, inclusion, exclusion and persecution. Australia ranked fifth while the US ranked relatively low at 40th out of 103 countries.
The ranking comes weeks after the MoD won the most improved employer award in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index.
The army made it into the top 100 for the first time, sharing 79th place with the navy, while the RAF was 108th.
The defence minister, Anna Soubry, said: “This is more good news and reward for the hard work the department has made to create a positive working environment for its lesbian, gay and bisexual military and civilian employees.
“It builds on the excellent result in this year’s Stonewall Index. The single services want to create a workforce, both regular and reserve, that is drawn from the breadth of the society we defend, that gains strength from that society’s range of knowledge, experience and talent and that welcomes, respects and values the unique contribution of every individual.”
wfcwCalais:  Say that you are gay to get to the UK
5 August 2015
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Posters suggest migrants could consider lying about their sexuality to claim asylum in Britain have been displayed in Calais. Signs at entrance to 'Jungle' provide how-to to get to Britain for migrants.  Written in English and Arabic, they tell migrants to ‘prepare their story well from the beginning’. They add that applicants should consider whether their ‘story fits with them’ Migrants told to choose a ‘category’ which proves that their life is in danger.
Mark ThompsonBBC told to put more gay presenters on children's TV to 'familiarise' youngsters with different sexualities
14 December 2012
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Study said gay presenters would 'validate' the feelings of gay children. It said this was important for young people in their ' formative years.' Report said BBC News gave too much time to 'homophobic' viewpoints. It also recommended having more gay characters in dramas and soaps.
benBBC drama boss, Ben Stephenson says:  'There aren't enough gay characters on TV,' and promises to commission more homosexual storylines
27 February 2014
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Mr Stephenson, BBC drama controller since 2008, who is himself gay, called on writers to come forward with more stories which focus on homosexuality. He called on writers to come forward with more stories which focus on homosexuality.
Gay author Tom Rob Smith is writing a new drama about a gay spy for the BBC.
wfcwIt's time for a LESBIAN Peppa Pig
1 July 2015
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Norman Lamb has backed gay characters in children's TV programmes Lib Dem leadership contender said gay rights needed to be 'reinforced'
More gay characters are needed on children’s television to send out the message same sex relationships are of ‘equal value’ to any other, Lib Dem leadership contender Norman Lamb has said.
The former care minister said the lack of same-sex relationships on children’s TV suggests there is a ‘limit’ to gay rights.
In an interview with the gay newspaper PinkNews Mr Lamb said TV companies needed to think about promoting gay characters.
He said gay rights laws would be ‘meaningless’ if society does not ‘follow through in the way we behave in our institutions and in our media’.
For goodness sake, give it a rest! The majority of people aren't gay and don't wish to have gay story lines thrust at them at every opportunity! The proportion of gay story lines on the BBC is far greater than anything most of us encounter in the real world
I'm part Swiss and an engineer. I don't think there are enough part Swiss engineers on BBC. I shall be complaining.
LBWF2007 - Waltham Forest Council senior management have a clear commitment to doing more to support LGBT equality in the workplace.
kaleidoscope ...
Cllr Mark RuslingWaltham Forest Council has been named one of the best places to work for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people.
5th February 2013
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The authority was placed 63rd on gay rights charity Stonewall’s 2013 list of the 100 best employers of gay staff.
Councillor Mark Rusling, cabinet member for economic development and corporate resources, said: “I am extremely pleased with the result this year, especially as it is the highest we have ever been ranked in the seven years that the council has entered the index.
wfcwHalf of British Muslims want gay sex banned, says poll
10 April 2016
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Half of British Muslims want gay sex to be made illegal, according to a new poll.
The survey for Channel 4 found there was a “chasm” between views among the British Muslim community and mainstream opinion in this country. It found 52 per cent of Muslims said homosexuality should not be legal in Britain.
Trevor Phillips, the former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, who interpreted the survey for a documentary to be broadcast this week, said: "The integration of Britain’s Muslims will probably be the hardest task we’ve ever faced.   “It will require the abandonment of the milk-and-water multiculturalism still so beloved of many, and the adoption of a far more muscular approach to integration.”
Download Tables in PDF
wfcwWhen miners and gay activists united: the real story of the film Pride
read ...
In an era of raging homophobia and strident union-bashing, two minority groups made common cause in a Welsh mining community. As a new film – tipped to be a smash hit – that dramatises events is released, we hear the stories of those who were there
wfcwIn a decade when a degree of homophobia was the norm, LGSM drove a couple of minibuses from Hackney Community Transport and a clapped-out VW camper van to a bleak mining town in South Wales to present their donations, uncertain what sort of welcome to expect.
wfcwTitchmarsh, a gay lecturer and a row over teenage sex
26 January 2015
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Alan Titchmarsh slammed Professor Eric Anderson over views on gay sex. Prof Anderson boasted that he has had sex with 1,000 teenagers and men.  TV gardener said he was worried about 'pressure' 16-year-old boys face.  Prof Anderson lectures at University of Winchester - where Titchmarsh is soon to become Chancellor. 
wfcwAlan's Angle
Professor Eric Anderson & Winchester University: Campaign Update
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Alan Craig is a Christian campaigner, grassroots activist, social conservative and advocate of justice and fairness for the vulnerable and marginalised.
"Such foul views from a high-profile academic are threatening to the welfare of children and teenage boys,"
wfcwWestminster becomes the world's gayest Parliament with 32 openly gay, lesbian and bisexual MPs
13 May 2015
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There are 13 Conservative, 12 Labour and six SNP MPs who are openly gay.  In the last Parliament there were 26 gay, lesbian and bisexual members.   Study also concluded there were 155 election candidates who were gay
There are 32 openly gay, lesbian and bisexual MPs – just under 5 per cent of the total number in the Commons.   This dwarfs the 12 and ten in the parliaments of Sweden and the Netherlands respectively, both countries that pride themselves on their liberal attitude to gay rights.
wfcwThe number of people requesting testing for HIV is growing as well as the number of people looking for support according to charity Positive East
15 May 2015
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A record number of people living in east London are seeking help from an HIV charity, it has been revealed.   In the first three months of 2015, 500 people contacted charity Positive East.
The charity works extensively in Waltham Forest due to the high number of people living with HIV in the borough.
The charity’s director, Mark Santos, said: “The number of people living with HIV in East London is higher than it has ever been and so the demand for our services has never been higher.

LBWF2007 - Waltham Forest Council senior management have a clear commitment to doing more to support LGBT equality in the workplace.
kaleidoscope ...

Starting out at LBWF ...

wfcwChris Bryant MP describes House of Commons ‘gay bar’
13th January 2012
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In praising a more diverse parliament, Labour MP for Rhondda, Chris Bryant, said some days a part of the Westminster complex is “virtually a gay bar”. Chris Bryant, the MP for Rhondda, speaking at a debate on Parliamentary representation made the comment about the Strangers Bar.
Referring to the establishment, he said: “It is significant that we now have more out gay Members of Parliament than ever before.   “Indeed, sometimes when you go into the Strangers Bar you feel as though you are in Rupert street.  “It is a great sadness to me that there are still only two out lesbians in Parliament.”
He also reacted to an earlier comment by Conservative MP for Milton Keynes South, Iain Stewart, who said: “One of the most powerful things that we can be is role models […] People who might be inspired to go into politics need to be able to see that there are people like them in Parliament. That is one of the most powerful ways of getting more people involved in politics.”
Bryant and his partner Jared Cranney were the first gay men to enter into a civil partnership in the Palace of Westminster.
wfcw FS is GMFA's bi-monthly magazine containing information on gay men's health and HIV related issues.
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It provides gay men with health and HIV information, advice, support and research in a clear and understandable format.
Designed to appeal to young gay men, FS is colourful, uses young gay men as models and is written in a style likely to attract this target group. Moreover, as the following quote demonstrates, FS is also used as a resource for professionals within the HIV sector.
Waltham Forest Town Hall2007 - Waltham Forest Council senior management have a clear commitment to doing more to support LGBT equality in the workplace. Black youth 2007 - As far as they are concerned we don’t exist, and even if we do, we are just some kind of problem that won’t go away. I sometimes think the best thing we could do would be to go out and vote and demand that our politicians listen to what’s happening to us.
Reluctant gangsters, John Pitts,
wfcwLGBT Foundation
LGBT Foundation is a vibrant charity with a wide portfolio of well-established services and a rapidly developing range of new initiatives aimed at meeting the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.

Stonewall Stonewall
Our members know that people perform better when they can be themselves. "At £2,000 per annum, membership represents exceptional value for money and a cost-effective way of implementing employers’ responsibilities under the Equality Act.
wfcwManchester city council to create UK's first LGBT retirement home
21 February 2017 
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Manchester city council has announced plans to create the UK’s first retirement community aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
According to the local authority, the city is home to the country’s largest number of LGBT people outside of London and is due to see a rapid growth in the number of LGBT residents over 65 in the next two decades.
The extra care scheme – a targeted development for older people – will house a minimum of 51% LGBT residents, but heterosexual people will also be welcome to apply to live in the accommodation.
As well as the LGBT Foundation, the project is being supported by Stonewall Housing and the Homes and Communities Agency.
wfcwSchool for LGBT pupils planned for Manchester
16 January 2015
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The first school in Britain for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people could open its doors within the next three years. Based in the centre of Manchester, the specialist state school plans to take 40 full-time students from across the area and will offer up to 20 part-time places for young people who want to continue attending a mainstream school.
Stonewall Our members know that people perform better when they can be themselves. "At £2,000 per annum, membership represents exceptional value for money and a cost-effective way of implementing employers’ responsibilities under the Equality Act."
Mr Justice ColeridgeSir Paul Coleridge, family court judge
:December 2013
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The lack of support from colleagues on his views around marriage was partly to blame for his decision to step down from the judiciary next year. He  criticised selfish parents for being more concerned with their own ‘rights’ than the welfare of their children.  He said: ‘In the courts people talk about their rights – you have no right where children are  concerned. What you have are responsibilities and duties to do right by them.’
Mr Justice Coleridge The Office for Judicial Complaints launched its investigation in May following a complaint that his neutrality as a judge could be compromised after he took part in a pro-marriage event. Mr Justice Coleridge has been cleared of judicial misconduct over his involvement with pro-marriage charity the Marriage Foundation, but said he would take a “lower profile” position. ChancellorDecember 2012 - First openly gay judge to be appointed Chancellor of the High Court. Lord Justice (Terrence) Etherton, the first senior judge to be in a civil partnership, has been appointed as Chancellor of the High Court, or head of the Chancery Division. The post is one of the most senior judicial roles in England and Wales.
Sir Terrence will take up his new role on 11 January 2013. He shares his start date with the new head of the High Court’s Family Division, Lord Justice (James) Munby a strong supporter of equality for gay people.
The Marriage FoundationThe Marriage Foundation
nutshellColeridge J cleared of misconduct on pro-marriage stance
30 November 2012
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Mr Justice Coleridge has been cleared of judicial misconduct over his involvement with pro-marriage charity the Marriage Foundation, but said he would take a “lower profile” position.
The Office for Judicial Complaints launched its investigation in May following a complaint that his neutrality as a judge could be compromised after he took part in a pro-marriage event.
At the launch of the Marriage Foundation in May the High Court judge said: “This is not going to be a cosy club for the smug and self-satisfied of middle England but, we hope, the start of a national movement with the aim of changing attitudes across the board from the very top to the bottom of society, and thus improve the lives of us all, especially children.”
The OJC today (30 November) said that it had concluded the investigation, adding: “Having considered all of the facts the Lord Chancellor and the president of the Queen’s Bench Division, on behalf of the Lord Chief Justice, do not consider Mr Justice Coleridge’s involvement with the Marriage Foundation to be incompatible with his judicial responsibilities and therefore does not amount to judicial misconduct.”
It continued: “Mr Justice Coleridge has agreed that a lower profile role within the organisation would be more appropriate for a serving judicial office holder.”

nutshellFirst openly gay judge to be appointed Chancellor of the High Court
21 December 2012,
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Lord Justice (Terrence) Etherton, the first senior judge to be in a civil partnership, has been appointed as Chancellor of the High Court, or head of the Chancery Division. The post is one of the most senior judicial roles in England and Wales.
Having worked as a barrister since 1997, Sir Terrence has been in a civil partnership since 2006.
In 2008, Sir Terence became the first openly gay Lord Justice of Appeal. At the time he told PinkNews.co.uk: “My appointment also shows that diversity in sexuality is not a bar to preferment up to the highest levels of the judiciary.”
He spent two years as chairman of the Law Commission, the Government’s legal reform body. In that time the commission had been responsible for showing, what was described by campaigners as “enlightened thinking” on some very sensitive and important areas of the law particularly in regards to gender and sexuality.
Sir Terrence will take up his new role on 11 January 2013. He shares his start date with the new head of the High Court’s Family Division, Lord Justice (James) Munby a strong supporter of equality for gay people.

wfcwThe real gay marriage bigots are its intolerant supporters
29 March 2014
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The saddest legacy of the gay marriage debate is how it has brought about the most appalling bigotry — from politicians cynically trampling over the beliefs of many Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and others opposed to gay marriage.  That’s not social progress, it’s a form of intolerance every bit as ugly as homophobia.
MunbyThe new head of the High Court’s Family Division, Lord Justice (James) Munby, is a strong supporter of equality for gay people.
Sir James is to take over as the President of the High Court Family Division after the sudden retirement retirement of the current head Sir Nicholas Wall due to poor health.
Sir James, was the chairman of the Law Commission, a law reform body and has been the presiding judge in a number of important gay rights cases.
He was the presiding judge at a landmark case that ruled that a anti-gay Christian couple should be banned from fostering children because of their views on homosexuality.” - read landmark case
nutshellNew head of the High Courts Family Division is a strong supporter of gay equality
21st December 2012
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The new head of the High Court’s Family Division, Lord Justice (James) Munby, is a strong supporter of equality for gay people.
Sir James is to take over as the President of the High Court Family Division after the sudden retirement retirement of the current head Sir Nicholas Wall due to poor health.
Sir James, was the chairman of the Law Commission, a law reform body and has been the presiding judge in a number of important gay rights cases.
He was the presiding judge at a landmark case that ruled that a anti-gay Christian couple should be banned from fostering children because of their views on homosexuality.”
At the time, making his judgement he said:“The equality provisions concerning sexual orientation should take precedence” over religious beliefs, the judges ruled.
“No one is asserting that Christians (or, for that matter, Jews or Muslims) are not ‘fit and proper’ persons to foster or adopt. No one is seeking to de-legitimise Christianity or any other faith or belief.
“On the contrary, it is fundamental to our law and our way of life that everyone is equal before the law and equal as a human being entitled to dignity and respect.
“We are, however, entitled to take judicial notice of the fact that, whereas the sharia is still understood in many places as making homosexuality a capital offence, the Church of England permits its clergy, so long as they remain celibate, to enter into civil partnerships.
“We live in this country in a democratic and pluralistic society, in a secular state not a theocracy.”

ofstedGood practice resource
A whole-school approach to tackling homophobic bullying and ingrained attitudes: Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form.
3 Feb 2012
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Stoke Newington has a curriculum which meets the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students (LGBT) and extends all students’ understanding of diversity. Training for all staff, their commitment to equality and diversity and their approach to poor behaviour have successfully tackled homophobic language, attitudes and bullying.
Rev FlowersDisgraced Methodist minister filmed buying cocaine was given a £31,000 'golden goodbye' despite leading Co-op Bank to brink of collapse
21 November 2013
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The Methodist minister, who was filmed allegedly buying crystal meth, crack cocaine and ketamine, was given a pay-off of the remainder of his £130,000 annual salary in June.
Now the bank is trying to claw back the cash and has ceased any further payments.
They will not confirm what the total payout is but have written to him to ask for the money back.
Their statement said: 'When Paul Flowers relinquished his responsibilities in June, it was agreed, as per his contractual obligations that his fees for the rest of his period of office would be paid.
wfcw Top gay police officer arrested on suspicion of supplying Class A drugs
Dec 7th 2014
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Chief inspector Paul Cahill, a top gay police officer who joined the force in the 1990s, was awarded an MBE in 2004 for his 'services to diversity in the police and the wider community'.
The honour came after he set up the Gay Police Association, which had about 1,000 members until it was disbanded in April due to lack of funding.
Mr Cahill, who hit the headlines in 1997 after posing on the cover of Gay Times magazine in full police uniform, was part of the Met's Westminster borough command and led a team carrying out pro-active operations to clamp down on crime in the West End and Soho.
He previously worked as a tactical adviser to the Met Police's SO19 firearms unit and was chair of the Gay Police Association until it was disbanded in April and was praised by the Met for his work in revolutionising attitudes to gay men in policing.
top 10 from this year's World Pride Power ListGlobally, the LGBT community is broad and diverse, representing the full range of public profiles. Here's the top 10 from this year's World Pride Power List
nutshellThe 100 most influential LGBT people of 2013 – top 10
 29 June 2013
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1 Ellen DeGeneres – chatshow host
Multi-Emmy-award-winning actor, writer and standup comedian, Ellen came out in 1997 and faced down criticism to reposition herself as the host of one of America's most successful chat shows, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. DeGeneres moved into the mainstream by hosting the Emmy Awards in 2001, the Academy Awards in 2006 and American Idol in 2010. In 2011, Hilary Clinton named her a special envoy for global Aids awareness. DeGeneres lives in Beverly Hills, California, and married her partner, the Australian actor Portia de Rossi, in 2008, when the ban was lifted on gay marriage. DeGeneres and De Rossi are ethical vegans.
2 Stephen Fry – polymath
Stephen Fry – actor, author, playwright, journalist, poet, screenwriter, TV presenter, film director, comedian and a director of Norwich City FC – is openly gay, and, together with Clare Balding, was named broadcaster of the year at the recent Out/G3 awards. This year, he is shooting a documentary for the BBC called Out There, about being gay around the world, which has taken him to North and South America, Africa, Asia and Russia to meet with gay men and women, and talk about what it means to be gay in different corners of the world. Fry has also made documentaries on HIV and Aids, and the reality of being gay in prison.
3 Jane Lynch – actor
It was as US TV comedy Glee's ruthless cheerleading squad leader Sue Sylvester that award-winning US actor, comedian and author Jane Lynch entered our affections. She has never shied away from her sexuality and is a vocal advocate for gay rights, marrying psychologist Lara Embry in 2010 (though recent reports suggest the pair may divorce). She is currently making her Broadway debut as Miss Hannigan in Annie at the Palace Theatre, New York. Later this year she will host a new NBC game show, Hollywood Game Night, in which members of the public play party games with minor celebrities and compete for a cash prize.
4 Clare Balding – sports presenter
Cambridge-educated TV and radio presenter Clare Balding is at the top of her career. Having conquered thyroid cancer in 2011, she went on to front top-notch BBC coverage of the Olympics and Channel 4 coverage of the Paralympics in 2012, for which she was honoured with a special award at the 2013 Baftas and received an OBE in this year's Queen's birthday honours. The sports presenter, who was a leading amateur flat jockey before becoming a journalist, is out and proud. She formed a civil partnership with Radio 4 newsreader Alice Arnold in 2006. She told the Radio Times in an interview: "Personally, I'm a much better broadcaster for not hiding who I am. Not necessarily trumpeting it, but not hiding it."
5 Tim Cook – CEO Apple
Following Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple, one of the world's most valuable companies, was always going to be tough. But Cook is putting his stamp on the company. The son of a shipyard worker, he worked at Compaq and IBM before arriving at Apple to become Jobs's chief operating officer, and is credited with helping to turn a once-ailing company into the £500bn powerhouse it is today. Despite not publicly saying he is gay, Cook has topped Out magazine's power list of gay people for three years. He is currently defending Apple's use of tax loopholes in the Supreme Court.
6 Sir Elton John – musician
Singer-songwriter Elton John has been funnelling money into his Aids Foundation since 1992. Every year, he opens his house to hundreds of celebrities and invited guests for a ball to raise money for the foundation, and also holds post-Grammy and Oscar parties as fundraisers.
He has two sons with his civil partner David Furnish: Zachary, who was born in 2010; and Elijah, who was born in January. Both boys were born to the same surrogate mother in California. Recently, Elton John has been involved in campaigns for the legalisation of gay marriage in the UK.
7 Lord Alli – Labour peer and entrepreneur
Media entrepreneur, businessman and the youngest and first openly gay peer in the House of Lords, Waheed Alli works for gay rights at the highest levels. Having left school at 16, he went from being a £40-a-week researcher on a magazine to co-founding Planet 24, which went on to make some of Channel 4's best-known programmes. He was instrumental in getting the age of consent for gay sex lowered from 18 to 16, and in the repeal of Section 28, which forbade the promotion of homosexuality by local authorities. He is patron of Oxford Pride and campaigns globally for gay rights.
8 Tammy Baldwin – US politician
Tammy Baldwin, the Democratic senator for Wisconsin, has chosen to ignore those she calls "the naysayers, the cynics, and the keepers of the status quo; those who say 'you can't, you shouldn't, or you won't'". Her career is a perfect illustration of that philosophy. She's a fearless champion of equal rights, clean energy and universal healthcare, and is the first openly gay US senator. Along with Barney Frank, she established the Congressional LGBT Equality caucus in the US House of Representatives in June 2008, which works for the rights of LGBT people in the US and around the world.
9 Gok Wan – TV presenter
Few British TV personalities are as universally recognised and loved as Gok Wan. Shy and obese as a child, and now passionate about having a healthy body image, he found his calling in fashion styling. He is out, proud and unashamedly flamboyant. Earlier this year, he presented an episode of The Secret Millions in which he helped London charity Kids Company.
10 Sir Ian McKellen – actor
His roles in blockbuster films have made McKellen a global superstar. But he's also one of the most charismatic actors working in film, TV and theatre, rising from humble beginnings in Burnley to the heights of his profession. He came out in 1988 – during a Radio 3 discussion on Section 28 – and, from that moment, has brought all his star power to bear on the cause of equality, co-founding Stonewall and regularly speaking and writing on gay issues.

top 10 from this year's World Pride Power List Globally, the LGBT community is broad and diverse, representing the full range of public profiles. Read on to see who made the list from 11-100
The 100 most influential LGBT people of 2013 – 11-100
nutshellThe 100 most influential LGBT people of 2013 – top 100
29 June 2013
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11 Peter Tatchell, campaigner
A lifelong LGBT activist and agitator for equal rights, Australian-born Peter Tatchell twice tried a citizen's arrest on Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe and was beaten up for his efforts. He received similar treatment from neo-Nazis when supporting the Gay Pride march in Moscow. He has stood as a candidate for the Labour and Green parties, and is the author of more than 3,000 articles and six books.
12 Martina Navratilova, former tennis player
Billie Jean King called her "the greatest singles, doubles and mixed doubles player that ever lived". But Navratilova is also a shining exception in the world of competitive sport, where many sportsmen and women still feel unable to come out. Since 1981, she's been open about her lesbianism, and has spoken out repeatedly on behalf of LGBT rights.
13 Alan Carr, comedian
Hugely successful chatshow host and award-winning standup comedian.
14 Charlie Condou, actor
Father of two and champion of gay parenting, Condou is best known for his role in Coronation Street as Marcus Dent, ex-lover of Sean Tully, played by Antony Cotton. The programme carried the first soap story of same-sex parenting. Condou's real-life daughter and son divide their time between him and his partner, Cameron, and their mother, actor Catherine Kanter.
15 Michael Cashman, MEP
Recently voted MEP of the year for justice and fundamental rights by his peers, former actor Cashman, a co-founder of Stonewall, is best known for his role as Colin in EastEnders. He registered his civil partnership with Paul Cottingham in 2006 and was awarded a CBE for his equality work.
16 Graham Norton, TV presenter
Norton is an award-winning BBC presenter whose outrageous questioning style has endeared him to audiences.
17 Jane Hill, broadcast journalist
Always open about her sexual orientation, Hill has been a presenter and BBC newsreader for many years. She has worked on many high-profile stories, including the elections of Barack Obama. She has presented the European Diversity Awards since 2011.
18 Heather Peace, actor and singer
A British actor and musician, with roles in Casualty, Holby City, Coronation Street and Lip Service, Peace is a patron of Manchester Pride and the Diversity Role Models charity.
19 Jessie J, singer
Jessie J came out as bisexual in 2011. The singer-songwriter and judge on The  Voice became the first UK female solo artist to achieve six top-10 singles from a single studio album, her debut Who Are You?
20 Sue Perkins, comedian and presenter
Perkins began her career as half of double-act Mel and Sue on Channel 4's daytime show Light Lunch. She has written for French and Saunders and Ab Fab, as well as countless radio series. In 2008, Perkins conducted the BBC's Concert Orchestra in Hyde Park during the Last Night of the Proms, after winning the BBC's Maestro competition.
21 Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, head of diversity and inclusion, Google EMEA
One of the most influential and innovative diversity professionals, he conceived Google's Legalise Love campaign, aimed at countries where homosexuality is illegal. He is a trustee of Kaleidoscope Trust and founder and chairman of the Inclusive Foundation.
22 Elio Di Rupo, PM, Belgium
As well as being an openly gay leader in the European Union, Di Rupo is the first Francophone to hold the post of Belgian prime minister, with predecessors being either of Walloon or Flemish descent. This represents a massive change in the country's history.
23 Anderson Cooper, broadcast journalist
The anchor of CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360° is, according to the New York Times, "the most prominent openly gay journalist on American TV". He came out last year, saying: "I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn't be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud."
24 Mary Portas, retail expert and presenter
Portas is best known for her TV shows in which she helps struggling shops transform their fortunes. Her recent show, Mary Queen of the High Street, began last month on Channel 4. She lives with her children and civil partner, Grazia magazine fashion features editor Melanie Rickey.
25 Jodie Foster, actor
The Oscar-winning actor has two sons with ex-partner Cydney Bernard. She received a lifetime achievement award at this year's Golden Globes, saying of her sexuality: "I already did my coming out ... in those very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to trusted friends and family and co-workers, and then gradually and proudly to everyone who knew her, to everyone she actually met." She thanked Bernard, with whom she split in 2008, calling her "my heroic co-parent, my ex-partner in love but righteous soul sister in life".
26 Anthony Watson, MD and CIO, Barclays
Alongside his demanding job in the City, Watson is chair of the European Diversity Awards, a member of the board of DGS plc and a trustee of the Inclusive Foundation, an LGBT youth charity. Watson is a driving force for diversity and inclusion across the UK and abroad.
27 Sarah Gilbert, actor
Best known for her role as the sarcastic middle child Darlene Connor in the American sitcom Rosanne, Gilbert came out as a lesbian in 2010 and this year announced her engagement to songwriter Linda Perry.
28 Samantha Ronson, DJ
The English-born DJ, who lives in California, has spun her discs at some of the highest-profile events across the globe, including private parties for Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Ellen DeGeneres and Natalie Portman.
29 Laura Doughty, deputy chief exec, Stonewall
Doughty has been instrumental in encouraging more lesbian involvement in Stonewall and was a driving force behind the organisation's hugely successful 2012 London bus marketing campaign, Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!
30 Tom Ford, fashion designer and film director
Feted for his success at Gucci, Ford went on to create his own Tom Ford label and directed the Oscar-nominated film A Single Man. He has a degree in architecture and has been with his partner, Richard Buckley, since 1986.
31 Lee Pearson, Paralympian equestrian
The openly gay equestrian, who was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita – a rare congenital disorder – is a 10-time Paralympic Games gold medallist and represented Britain in Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London. Last year, Pearson won gold in the team dressage event, silver in the championship dressage and bronze in the freestyle. He came out to his parents shortly before his 21st birthday.
32 Dr Christian Jessen, celebrity doctor
The huge success of Channel 4's intimate programmes Supersize vs Superskinny and Embarrassing Bodies has catapulted this 36-year-old doctor into the public eye. Alongside his TV shows, Jessen regularly contributes to newspapers and magazines, and has written a couple of books. He specialises in HIV and sexual health, having spent a couple of years working in Kenya and Uganda.
33 Chaz Bono, writer and musician
Bono, child of superstars Sonny and Cher, underwent gender reassignment in 2010 and is now a transgender advocate and campaigner against the US Defense of Marriage Act. The documentary Becoming Chaz followed his reassignment.
34 Chris Bryant, MP
A Labour MP, Bryant is shadow minister for borders and immigration. He and his partner, Jared Cranney, had the first civil partnership ceremony held in the Houses of Parliament.
35 Anna Grodzka, Polish politician
Publisher and film-maker Grodzka is a respected politician and Europe's first known transsexual MP. She underwent gender reassignment in 2010 and is a member of the progressive Palikot's Movement party in Poland.
36 Neil Patrick Harris, actor, director
Best known for his role in Doogie Howser MD, the Emmy-award-winning Harris has also directed a production of Martin Sherman's Rent. Harris lives with his partner, David Burtka, and their two children.
37 Angela Eagle, Labour MP
Shadow leader of the House of Commons, this well-respected Labour politician was the first openly gay woman in parliament when she came out in September 1998 and the first lesbian in a ministerial post.
38 Antony Cotton, actor
Through playing the gay character Sean Tully in Coronation Street and taking a pivotal role in a breakthrough gay-parenting storyline with fellow actor Charlie Condou, Cotton has done much to break down prejudice among the show's massive UK audience.
39 Tim Gill, founder of Quark
The American software entrepreneur and philanthropist is involved in advocacy for LGBT rights through his Gill Action Fund. His charity work concerns itself with ending prejudice and injustice against the gay community. Gill is married to Scott Miller and they live in Denver, Colorado.
40 Liz Sayce, CEO, Disability Rights UK
Sayce is one of the UK's foremost authorities on disability issues. She spent eight years as policy director of the mental health charity Mind and has published many books on mental health, disability and social inclusion.
41 Portia de Rossi, actor
Australian actress De Rossi, who rose to fame as the glamorous lawyer Nelle Porter in Ally McBeal, has just resurrected her role as the vapid blonde Lindsay Bluth Fünke in the American sitcom Arrested Development. The new series of the cult classic launched on Netflix last month.
42 Val McDermid, crime writer
The Scottish crime writer and broadcaster said this year that she wants Kelly Smith, her partner since 2004, to become her wife when gay marriage laws are passed. She formed a civil partnership with Smith two years ago. McDermid shares custody of her son with her former partner.
43 Zachary Quinto, actor and film producer
The actor who played Spock in the 2009 Star Trek and this year's sequel Star Trek Into Darkness has served as a fierce advocate for LGBT rights since coming out in 2011. He also campaigned for Barack Obama's re-election last year.
44 Stella Duffy, writer and performer
Novelist Duffy said in an interview with the Independent last year: "No one ever says 'He's a straight; she's a heterosexual', but I'm constantly being called 'a lesbian' and it's just not the most interesting thing about me." Duffy has been a vocal crusader for gay marriage and formed a civil partnership with the playwright Shelley Silas in 2004.
45 Nikolay Alexeyev, Russian LGBT rights campaigner
Russia is a difficult place to be openly gay and this year a bill is going through parliament banning the "promotion" of homosexuality. Alexeyev is the chief organiser of Moscow Pride, which gets banned in the city year after year. In 2010, he won the first ever case at the European Court of Human Rights on LGBT human rights violations in Russia.
46 Vincent Francois, regional group head of audit, Société Générale
Francois has responsibility for activities spanning 10 countries. In 2010, he created Société Générale's first LGB network in the UK and has helped to revolutionise the diversity credentials at the company, where he sits on the UK diversity committee.
47 Jóhanna Siguroardóttir, PM, Iceland
Siguroardóttir is the world's first lesbian premier. She has two children from a previous marriage, but is now married to her female partner. Her government banned strip clubs and she is quoted as saying: "Nordic countries are leading the way on women's equality, recognising women as equal citizens rather than commodities for sale."
48 Craig Revel Horwood, TV personality
Strictly Come Dancing stalwart Revel Horwood has been a judge on all 10 series of the BBC dance show. He is openly bisexual and, this year, is choreographing a new musical version of the American sitcom Happy Days for a UK tour.
49 Russell Tovey, actor
Known as werewolf George Sands in the BBC supernatural drama Being Human, Tovey also played Steve in Him & Her and is currently in The Job Lot. As an openly gay actor, he said this year he is waiting for the right gay role to come along.
50 Lord John Browne, former CEO BP
Browne was outed by the Mail on Sunday in 2007. He has written about his own sexuality and coming out in general.
51 Ricky Martin, singer
Martin has sold more than 30m albums worldwide. The global superstar and father of twin boys – born via a surrogate mother – came out in 2010.
52 Russell T Davies, screenwriter/producer
Davies's groundbreaking, late-1990s drama, Queer as Folk, dramatised his experiences on the Manchester gay scene.
53 Rylan Clark, TV personality
The Essex singer has remained in the public eye since failing to win The X Factor last year. He is co-host of Big Brother's Bit On The Side.
54 Sue Sanders, LGBT rights activist
Sanders has fought oppression in the public and third sectors for more than 30 years. She implemented LGBT History Month, now in its ninth year.
55 Eileen Gallagher, television producer
Gallagher co-founded Shed Productions in 1998. The company is famous for making Waterloo Road.
56 Maureen Chadwick, screenwriter
Chadwick is co-founder of Shed Productions. She co-created Bad Girls.
57 Liz Bingham, managing partner, Ernst & Young
Bingham started her career straight from school and now she is seeking to put more women and diverse ethnicities in the boardroom. She was recently appointed president of R3 – the industry body for corporate restructuring professionals.
58 Claire Harvey, Paralympian volleyball player
Sportswoman and Team GB's Paralympian volleyball star, Harvey is also involved in the management of the Great Britain deaf women's football team.
59 Marguerite McLaughlin, CEO, Metro Centre
As CEO of leading equality and diversity charity Metro, Marguerite McLaughlin BEM, provides a range of services for the LGBT community and others across the south-east.
60 Maggi Hambling, artist
The creator of the 4m Scallop on Aldeburgh beach, Hambling was the first artist to be given a residency at the National Portrait Gallery.
61 Adam Lambert, singer
The first openly gay pop artist to launch a career on a major label in the US, Lambert has had a meteoric rise since the final of 2009's American Idol.
62 Ben Bradshaw, MP
The gay Labour MP, who is a practising Christian, has criticised the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches for refusing to accept gay marriage.
63 Sophie Ward, actor
Ward became a gay hero in 1997 when she came out as a lesbian, left her husband and began a long-term relationship with writer Rena Brannan.
64 Paul Flowers, CEO Co-op
The Stonewall Workplace Equality index ranked the Co-op as the third-best organisation in the UK for LGBT people to work. Methodist minister Flowers is also a trustee of HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust.
65 Tim Hely Hutchinson, CEO, Hachette
Hutchinson is the younger son of the eighth Earl of Donoughmore and the CEO of the UK's largest publisher.
66 Amy Lamé, performer and writer
Amy Lamé, the woman behind the cult performance collective and club night Duckie, has turned her obsession with Morrissey and the Smiths into her latest one-woman show.
67 Margot James, MP
MP for Stourbridge, James is the first openly lesbian Tory MP in history.
68 Bertrand Delanoë, mayor of Paris
Delanoë was one of the first major French politicians to announce that he was gay, during a 1998 TV interview. ­
69 Jason Collins, NBA player
Basketball player Jason Collins became the first openly gay professional athlete on a major American sports team when he came out in a Sports Illustrated piece this year.
70 Louie Spence, TV personality
Artistic director at Pineapple Dance Studios, Spence is a TV personality, choreographer and producer-director of musical theatre. His autobiography, Still Got It, Never Lost It, was published in 2011.
71 Harish Iyer, LGBT activist
This Indian activist has spoken frankly about his experience of childhood sexual abuse and his life has formed the basis of two films: I Am and Amen.
72 Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, MD UK Black Pride
Founder and managing director of UK Black Pride, Opoku-Gyimah, or Lady Phyll as she is known, campaigns for equality in the workplace through her seat on the TUC race relations committee.
73 Suran Dickson, CEO Diversity Role Models
Dickson quit as a London school teacher in 2011 to set up Diversity Role Models, challenging homophobia by taking positive gay role models into schools.
74 Paul Burston, writer
Burston is editor of the gay section of London listings magazine Time Out and founder of gay literary event Polari.
75 Paul Reed, CEO BP
The CEO of integrated supply trading at BP, Reed has criticised the City for old-fashioned attitudes to LGBT staff.
76 Daniel Winterfeldt, Lawyer
US securities lawyer Winterfeldt is head of CMS's International Capital Markets group.
77 Sir Cameron Mackintosh, producer
Mackintosh is famous for turning musicals such as Les Misérables into global theatrical productions. Openly gay, he is patron of The Food Chain, a London HIV charity.
78 Ashley Steel, city adviser
Steel is a board member at management services company KPMG, where she is also a member of the board subgroup for diversity.
79 Alice Arnold, broadcaster
Broadcaster, presenter and Radio 4 newsreader, Arnold is civil partner of sports presenter Clare Balding.
80 Marai Larasi, CEO Imkaan
Director of black feminist organisation Imkaan, Larasi is dedicated to ending violence against women and girls.
81 Mark McLane, MD, global head of diversity and inclusion, Barclays
American businessman McLane moved to the UK in 2011 with his partner Carlos, to lead Barclays' diversity programme. He didn't come out professionally until he was 32, but says it has since shaped his career.
82 Horse McDonald, musician
Earlier this year, the Scottish singer songwriter married her partner in her home town of Lanark, where she had faced anti-gay bullying growing up.
83 Julie Bindel, journalist
Feminist journalist and Guardian contributor Bindel is co-founder of the group Justice for Women, which opposes violence against women.
84 Fiona Shaw, actor
An actor who has starred in and directed many theatrical productions and screen dramas, Shaw is possibly best known for her role as Mrs Dursley in the Harry Potter films.
85 Andy Woodfield, partner PwC
Woodfield created the Glee at PwC network, an employee network for "gays, lesbians and everyone else".
86 Pratibha Parmar, film-maker
Known for her politically complex documentaries focusing on disenfranchised groups, Parmar's most recent film, Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth, is a feature-length documentary about the life and art of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Colour Purple.
87 Barney Frank, politician
The most prominent gay US politician, Frank was elected to the House of Representatives in 1980 and became the first member of Congress to voluntarily come out in 1987.
88 Andi Keeling, MD, women's markets, RBS
The male-dominated banking world put Keeling off being out at work; she now hopes she can be an inspiration to other gay women in the sector.
89 Neil Bentley, deputy director-general, CBI
Bentley represents the CBI nationally and internationally, and is a champion of boardroom diversity.
90 Omar Sharif Jr, actor
Elder grandson of the Lawrence of Arabia star, Omar Sharif Jr came out and left Egypt during the 2011 revolution, writing in the Advocate: "I write this article in fear. Fear for my country, fear for my family and fear for myself … I am Egyptian, I am half Jewish, and I am gay." He now lives in Los Angeles.
91 Harry Derbidge, TV personality
Perhaps the most recognisable gay teenager in the country, Harry Derbidge has left The Only Way is Essex and opened a shop in Brentwood.
92 Jeff Holland, co-founder, Liongate Capital Management
Jeff Holland is managing director and co-founder of Liongate Capital Management, which has just sold a 55% stake of the company to US asset manager Principal Global Investors. He was named one of the top 40 hedge fund managers under 40.
93 Jonathan Harvey, playwright
Liverpool-born playwright Harvey had his first success with the gay-themed play Beautiful Thing, which became a 1996 film.
94 Lance Price, founder Kaleidoscope
The British writer, journalist and political commentator Lance Price launched the Kaleidoscope Trust in 2011 to campaign for equality for LGBT people across the world.
95 Diana King, singer
Jamaican reggae singer Diana King came out last year, posting to Facebook: "I am... woman ... mother ... aunt ... Jamaican ... American ... international artiste ... singer ... songwriter ... band leader ... friend ... lover ... entrepreneur ... goddess … and yes … I am a lesbian."
96 James Wharton, writer, ex-soldier
Wharton has written about being gay in the army.
97 Denise Marshall, CEO, Eaves
Marshall's charity, Eaves, helps victims of violence and sex trafficking. She returned her OBE in protest at the budget cuts.
98 Tim Sigsworth, Albert Kennedy Trust
Tim Sigsworth is chief executive of the Albert Kennedy Trust, which helps young LGBT people who have been made homeless or are living in a hostile environment.
99 Ceri Goddard, CEO, Fawcett Society
In her professional capacity, Goddard campaigns for the equality of women at all levels. She is also a trustee of the Equality and Diversity Forum.
100 Jane Czyzselska, editor of Diva
As editor of Diva, the biggest-selling magazine in Europe for lesbian and bisexual women, Czyzselska emphasises the community's diversity.

wfcwBritish Lgbt Awards
Awards Ceremony : Friday 13 May 2016
In Gay we Trust
wfcw wfcw wfcw
Gay sex in a gallery
27 October 2013, read ...
Met at Pride Parade
26 June 2016, read ...
In Gay we Trust
wfcw Met police officer proposes at Pride Parade
26 June 2016
read ...
Pc Sam Philpot, below left, got down on one knee to ask partner Pc Martin Coughlan, right, to marry him on Saturday in front of vast crowds in central London.
wfcw Gay sex for the first time in a gallery
27 October 2013
read ...
Clayton Pettet, 19, said he will have gay sex for the first time in a gallery
for a project entitled 'Art School Stole My Virginity.'Sparkes outrage over plans to lose his virginity in front of a crowd of 100 people, then hold a question and answer session afterwards- in the name of art.
St Peter's in the Forest 26th October 2013 - Christian churches have been urged to learn more about HIV following a claim members of the congregation are too afraid to be tested. Religious leaders from Waltham Forest are being asked to support a new charity and get educated on the virus. The borough has one of the highest number of people with HIV in the country, it has been claimed.
NutshellGay student plan to lose his virginity in front of audience of 100
27 October 2013
read ...
Clayton Pettet, 19, said he will have gay sex for the first time in a gallery for a project entitled 'Art School Stole My Virginity'
A gay art student has sparked outrage over plans to lose his virginity in front of a crowd of 100 people - in the name of art.
Clayton Pettet, 19, said he will have gay sex for the first time in a gallery for a project entitled 'Art School Stole My Virginity'.
He said his 'performance art project' - followed by a question and answer session -  will challenge the idea of sexuality.
He is planning for his first full sexual encounter is set to take place before an audience of between 50 and 100 in a space in Hackney, London.
Clayton and his partner will have protected sex and then ask the audience what they thought of the performance.
Clayton, who has been planning the event for three years, said: 'The key thing about performance art is that it should only be performed once, and this is the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime performance.  'I've held on to my virginity for 19 years, and I'm not throwing it away lightly.'Basically it's like I am losing the stigma around virginity.  'I want the audience to see if anything has changed between me and my partner. 'Since culturally we do hold quite a lot of value to the idea of virginity I have decided to use mine and the loss of it to create a piece that I think will stimulate interesting debate and questions regarding the subject.'
Clayton has not told his parents about the project, but has informed tutors at the prestigious university. 
But the second-year student at Central Saint Martins art school in London has been accused of cheapening sex and art with the stunt, which will take place on January 25 next year.
Clayton Pettet said his 'performance art project' - followed by a question and answer session - will challenge the idea of sexuality
Clayton Pettet said his 'performance art project' - followed by a question and answer session - will challenge the idea of sexuality  The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement reckon the project is not art and cheapens the special relationship of sex between loving partners.
Spokesman Rev Sharon Ferguson said: 'I'm not quite sure how that's art.  'My view is that we believe that all sexuality is a gift from God.  'It's about what you do with it and how we use it is an expression of our love for God.
He is planning for his first full sexual encounter is set to take place before an audience of between 50 and 100 in a space in Hackney, London 'For my imagining in sex as an art form, I don't think this falls into that category.
'My issue is around is this the right expression of someone's bodily sexuality? As an art project in front of an audience, where is the love, respect and mutuality in that?  'Stunts like this cheapens our own sexual relationships.'
Alex Schady, Programme Director of Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, said: 'Clayton Pettet’s project is not part of his course and has not been endorsed by Central Saint Martins. 'Staff are discussing with him the implications, both legal and emotional, of the performance and he is exploring the possibility of alternative means of expression.'

NutshellNumber of people living with HIV in Waltham Forest is rising
26th October 2013
read ...
Christian churches have been urged to learn more about HIV following a claim members of the congregation are too afraid to be tested.Religious leaders from Waltham Forest are being asked to support a new charity and get educated on the virus. The borough has one of the highest number of people with HIV in the country, it has been claimed.
According to the National AIDS Trust (NAT), one in 180 people in Waltham Forest has the virus. The national average is one in 650. Just 11 years ago that number was one in 275. NAT statistics also state that 52 per cent of people living with HIV in Waltham Forest are diagnosed late.
Late diagnosis or refusal to be tested could be down to some evangelical Christian churches, according to Reverend Fred Annin, founder of Action Plus Foundation. He said: “The Bible does not condemn people with HIV as cursed. It shouldn’t be taboo to discuss it in churches. “It’s a medical condition and people need medical help. Prayer cannot bring our health back when we ignore medicine. “Some churches have been ignorant and believe misconceptions about the disease. People become afraid to be diagnosed as they risk social stigma and being thrown out of the church.”.
Residents of the borough can access confidential HIV testing services at the Whipps Cross University Hospital sexual health service, open daily Monday to Friday, and Walthamstow Citizens Advice Bureau on Wednesday afternoons.
Churches interested in find out more about what the charity can do for them should contact actionplusfoundation@yahoo.co.uk.

education vs indoctrination'Ex-gay' London bus advert 'like a slap in the face'
1 March 2013
A proposed bus advert by a Christian group would have been like a "slap in the face" to gay charity Stonewall over an anti-bullying message, the High Court has heard. Transport for London banned the Core Issues Trust's "ex-gay" advert because it could cause "widespread offence". It told the court there was a "storm of protest" as news of the advert spread.
Black youthAs far as they are concerned we don’t exist, and even if we do, we are just some kind of problem that won’t go away. I sometimes think the best thing we could do would be to go out and vote and demand that our politicians listen to what’s happening to us.
LBWFWaltham Forest Council 2011
The heterosexism of wider society is the origin of discrimination against lesbian and gay men. Getting into the Stonewall Top 100 is great news for Waltham Forest and a real testament to our commitment.
Black youthJohn Pitts, in his Reluctant Gangsters Report, 2007 said that gang -affected families felt that their concerns were not represented, nor their predicament understood by politicians and policy makers. - Reluctant gangsters, John Pitts, 2007 .

lbwfLBWF, Local Economic Assessment, November 2010
Waltham Forest has the smallest overall production and is the least productive borough in London.
In 2008, 56,041 were living in Lone parent households in Waltham Forest. This means a quarter of the borough’s population live in Lone parent households, which is the highest proportion in London, and nearly twice the national average.
Men are far more likely to be unemployed in Waltham Forest than women. The differential between rates of unemployment by gender in the borough is the highest is London.
Asian/Asian British residents are nearly three times as likely to be unemployed as White residents, and twice as likely as Black/Black British residents.
NutshellA few main points from the report
LBWF, Local Economic Assessment, Nov 2010
. read full report
Fig 7.5.3: Proportion of population living in Lone parent Households (2008)

In 2008, there were a significant number of people – 56,041 – living in Lone parent households in Waltham Forest. This means a quarter of the borough’s population live in Lone parent households, which is the highest proportion in London, and nearly twice the national average, and nearly 50% more than the London average. Within this, 40,476 live in households where all the children are dependent on the parent, which is potentially a significant issue for the borough as – nationally – an average of 4% of those households have a parent in employment.

Table 4.9.1: Business and Economy assessment summary 
Large firms (employing 200+) are usually the major drivers of productivity in a local area. While
Waltham Forest has a number of large regeneration sites, and strategic industrial locations that could locate new large businesses coming to the area, the potential for such inward investment is viewed by partners are unlikely.
The Inward Investment market – particularly for Foreign Direct Investment is risk adverse, and companies will not take a chance on locating to an area without a strong track record as a business location.  Ethnic minorities are less likely to run businesses in the borough. 
Despite a large and diverse ethnic minority population, there is a relative lack of entrepreneurialism – particularly among the Pakistani community. This analysis offers the opportunity to promote enterprise among certain communities – which could have community cohesion as well as economic benefits.

Summary: Key Issues, 2010
  • Skills levels in Waltham Forest are very low, as in most of East London. Waltham Forest ranks 377th out of 408 local areas in Great Britain on overall skills and qualifications scores.
  • Males are more likely to be unemployed, and females are more likely to be economically inactive. Ethnic minorities are more likely to be effected by worklessness.
  • Waltham Forest has a higher proportion of small businesses than London, the Host Boroughs and North East London. 2.6% of employers provide 50.1% of jobs in the borough.
  • Micro‐businesses (employing 10 or less people) are the most significant employer in Waltham Forest – providing 27.1% of jobs. This is unique to the borough among comparator areas.
  • Waltham Forest has the smallest overall production and is the least productive borough in London
  • The borough has low skills levels, which is critical to employment risk, and levels of unemployment and economic inactivity
  • The profile of those economically inactive ‘Seeking work but unavailable’ are very likely to be young and male in Waltham Forest.
  • Men are far more likely to be unemployed in Waltham Forest than women. The differential between rates of unemployment by gender in the borough is the highest is London.
  • There are more Asian/Asian British unemployed in Waltham Forest than any other ethnic grouping. Asian/Asian British residents are nearly three times as likely to be unemployed as White residents, and twice as likely as Black/Black British residents.
  • Economic inactivity is concentrated in the Asian/Asian British population of the borough, and predominantly amongst women.
  • Of those who are economically inactive, the proportion of Asian/Asian British who are “not seeking but want a job” is strikingly low.

StonewallStonewall database
Use our "What's in my area" database to find your local lesbian, gay, and bisexual community groups, other generic services, and gay-friendly solicitors.
HPA Waltham Forest - The number of persons living with HIV in 2007 was among the highest in the country.
This may be a reflection of the local population, which may have a high percentage of persons in at risk groups, such as men who have sex with men and people who have recently emigrated from countries with high rates of HIV.
more ...
Metropolitan Community Church international convention in Chicago, July 2013
MCC Conference, Chicago: Dr. Daniel Baer
Openly gay Dr. Daniel Baer, Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Democracy Human Rights and Labor, and who has been nominated by President Obama to serve as U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) based in Vienna, was a featured speaker at the Metropolitan Community Church international convention in Chicago, July 2013.
This video is from July 3, during a plenary on global violence, followed by a press conference which included a tribute to the 32 people, including many MCC members, killed 40 years ago in a fire at a New Orleans bar, the UpStairs Lounge, the largest mass murder targeting LGBTs in U.S. history.
StonewallStonewall's Education Champions
Stonewall's Education Champions programme provides bespoke support and guidance to local authorities in tackling homophobia and homophobic bullying in their local schools.
Including:  Primary and Secondary schools, Further education, Teacher Training, Local authorities, Education Champions, Stonewall Education Equality Index, Parents and carers, Youth workers
read ...
bbcLetting agents in London are prepared to discriminate against would-be tenants on the grounds of race, a BBC undercover investigation has revealed.
Under the Equality Act 2010, it is illegal for businesses to refuse to provide a service based on ethnicity.
But 10 firms told a reporter posing as a landlord they would not let to African-Caribbean people at his request.
A black researcher was denied viewings, yet his white counterpart was welcomed.
read ...
Stonewall HousingStonewall Housing
Securing safer spaces for the LGBT communities. Stonewall Housing provides supported housing, advice and advocacy for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in London. We research and lobby at a strategic level on the housing issues affecting our communities. We are the only specialist housing support provider in England wholly dedicated to serving the LGBT communities. At the heart of our work is the aim to help LGBT people find a home they feel safe and secure in.
more ...
Archbishop Nichols Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols bans gay masses in Soho
Pink News, 3 January 2013
The Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols has announced that masses in central London, designed specifically for gay people, are to end.
Archbishop Nichols, who also leads the Catholic Church in England and Wales, is no longer prepared to sanction the ceremonies, which were set up six years ago by a group of openly gay Catholics. Ruth Hunt from Stonewall – who also happens to be Catholic – told the BBC: “It is a real shame he’s taken away an opportunity for gay Catholics to celebrate mass in a safe environment."
gay coupleThe first legal challenge to the Church of England's ban on same-sex marriage was launched today - months before the first gay wedding can take place.
Colin Hart, Coalition for Marriage said: 'The ink's not even dry on the Bill and churches are already facing litigation. We warned Mr Cameron this would happen, we told him he was making promises that he couldn't possibly keep. 'He didn't listen. He didn't care. He's the one who has created this mess. Mr Cameron's chickens are coming home to roost and it will be ordinary people with a religious belief who yet again fall victim to the totalitarian forces of political correctness.'  Mr Hart added: 'We now face the real prospect of churches having to choose between stopping conducting weddings, or vicars, and priests defying the law and finding themselves languishing in the dock.'
Pink news

A San Francisco Episcopal minister has launched the Queen James Bible, described as a new “Gay Friendly Bible.”

nutshellMillionaire gay fathers to sue the Church of England for not allowing them to get married in the church
2 August 2013
read ...
The first legal challenge to the Church of England's ban on same-sex marriage was launched today - months before the first gay wedding can take place.
Gay father Barrie Drewitt-Barlow declared: 'I want to go into my church and marry my husband.' He added: 'The only way forward for us now is to make a challenge in the courts against the Church.'
The legal move means an early test for David Cameron's promise to the CofE and Roman Catholic bishops that no church would be forced to conduct same-sex weddings against the will of its leaders and its faithful.

Ministers set down a 'quadruple lock' in the new same sex marriage law - which received Royal Assent last month - which is supposed to protect those churches which oppose gay marriage.
However the guarantees will have to be tested in the courts and gay rights groups have been expecting to bring an early challenge.
 Mr Drewitt-Barlow and his civil partner Tony have been a celebrated couple since 1999, when they became the first gay couple to be named on the birth certificate of a child. They now have five children through surrogate mothers.
He said : 'We need to convince the church that it is the right thing for our community for them to recognise us as practising Christians.

'I am a Christian - a practising Christian. My children have all been brought up as Christians and are part of the local parish church.' Mr Drewitt-Barlow, 42, who owns a surrogacy company based near the family home in Essex and is opening another in Los Angeles, added: 'If I was a Sikh I could get married at the Gurdwara. Liberal Jews can marry in the Synagogue - just not the Christians.
'It upsets me because I want it so much - a big lavish ceremony, the whole works.
He said it was a shame that he and his partner were being forced to take Christians to court to get them to recognise them, but he said the new law did not give them what they have been campaigning for.
Mr Drewitt-Barlow, who took out a civil partnership in 2006, added: 'It is like someone giving me a sweetie with the wrapper on and telling me to suck it.' Under the Government's same-sex marriage law, which is expected to lead the first gay wedding next summer, churches must legally opt in before they can conduct same-sex ceremonies.
Those that hold objections to gay marriage have been told the quadruple lock will prevent the courts from forcing them to stage gay weddings against the conscience of priests and most congregations.
The lock says that no religious organisation could be compelled to marry same-sex couples or to permit this to happen on their premises.

It would be unlawful for ministers to marry same-sex couples unless their organisation's governing body has opted into provisions for doing so. The Equality Act 2010 would be amended to ensure no discrimination claim could be brought against religious organisations for refusing to marry a same-sex couple.
The new law also states that it no religious organisation could be compelled to marry same-sex couples or to permit this to happen on their premises. It would be unlawful for ministers to marry same-sex couples unless their organisation's governing body has opted into provisions for doing so. The Equality Act 2010 would be amended to ensure no discrimination claim could be brought against religious organisations for refusing to marry a same-sex couple.
The law also states that it is illegal for the Church of England and the Church in Wales to marry same-sex couples.
The CofE is also protected by its own internal canon laws, which are part of the law of land, which say marriages must be between a man and a woman.
However a succession of past court cases have resulted in defeats for Christians who were in disputes over equality laws, and in particular courts have always found in favour of gays who have challenged Christians.
In recent years notable cases have ended in the sacking of a town hall registrar who refused to conduct civil partnership ceremonies, the sack for a Relate counsellor who said he would not give sex advice to gay couples, and defeat for a couple who declined to let a room in their hotel to a gay couple on the grounds that they were unmarried.
Colin Hart, of the Coalition for Marriage said: 'The ink's not even dry on the Bill and churches are already facing litigation. We warned Mr Cameron this would happen, we told him he was making promises that he couldn't possibly keep.
'He didn't listen. He didn't care. He's the one who has created this mess. Mr Cameron's chickens are coming home to roost and it will be ordinary people with a religious belief who yet again fall victim to the totalitarian forces of political correctness.' 
Mr Hart added: 'We now face the real prospect of churches having to choose between stopping conducting weddings, or vicars, and priests defying the law and finding themselves languishing in the dock.'

Stonewall Hero, Bigot and Community Group of the Year Awards
nutshellStonewall Award Winners, 2012
Stonewall;The sixth annual Stonewall Awards, hosted by Stephen K Amos and supported by Nationwide, were held at London's V&A and attended by over 400 people including celebrities, politicians, sportspeople and writers. The Awards, one of the most glamorous events in Stonewall’s fundraising calendar, celebrate those who have made a positive impact on the lives of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Britain in the last 12 months.

2011 winners

Hero of the Year – Roger Crouch. Chosen by thousands of Stonewall supporters. Since 2010 Roger has dedicated himself tirelessly to working to raise awareness of homophobic bullying in schools, after his son Dominic took his own life in 2010. Roger said: ‘I see this as an award for Dom. I want to say by choosing us for this award you’ve also chosen to take a stand alongside all the young people whose lives have been ended by bullying. We are parents who loved our son. We stood by him in life and we stand by him in death.’
Broadcast of the Year – The World's Worst Place to be Gay? (Scott Mills/BBC 3). Openly-gay Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills travelled to the centre of an international row about homophobic legislation by visiting Uganda in the midst of debate over the so called ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill. The judges were struck by the ‘courageous and inspiring story’.
Entertainer of the Year - Jane Hazlegrove. Jane Hazlegrove joined the cast of Casualty in September 2006. As an openly-lesbian paramedic Kathleen ‘Dixie’ Dixon has appeared as a credible character in a continuing drama, with a mass audience, for more than five years. Jane said: ‘Thank you so much, this means the world to me. And thanks to my missus, you mean the world to me. Ain’t it great to be gay!’
Joint Journalist of the Year - Vanessa Feltz, Daily Express, and Matthew Todd, Attitude. Vanessa Feltz regularly uses her platforms in both the broadcast media and her national newspaper column to encourage fair discussion of gay issues. Vanessa said: ‘If I get another caller saying “It’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” I will shoot myself in the heart. I am fighting the good fight as hard as I can, and will continue to fight!’
As Editor of Attitude, Matthew Todd has been recognised for bringing a new edge and maturity to gay publications. Matthew said: ‘We all hear people say that “everything is fine”. It is not fine if you are a kid. I have interviewed a 14 year old boy who lost a tooth after being head butted and a teacher who broke her arm defending a kid in an attack. Roger Crouch is here today and I want to pay tribute to him and his son Dom who killed himself last year. It has to be our number one priority. It’s not just a priority for gay people, it’s straight people’s kids who are killing themselves too.’
Politician of the Year -   Chris Bryant MP. Chris Bryant has been garlanded with plaudits from across the political spectrum for his tenacious campaign against News International phone hacking. The judges were impressed with ‘the resolve and tenacity’ that Chris has demonstrated, as an equality advocate, in the last decade.
Publication of the Year – Guardian Weekend. Judges noted that during the last year the magazine had ‘successfully created a balanced dialogue and covered lesbian, gay and bisexual issues in a commendably incidental and conversational manner’. Merope Mills, Editor of Guardian Weekend, said: ‘Thank you. It is especially nice because it’s so surprising. Featuring lesbian, gay and bisexual people, that just seems to me a normal thing to do. Here’s to being normal!’
Sports Award of the Year - Anton Hysen. Twenty year-old Anton Hysen became the only openly-gay professional footballer in the world when he came out in March.
Writer of the Year - Alan Hollinghurst. The Stranger's Child, is an elegant and erudite book about the life and legacy of a gay war poet. The judges said: ‘Alan stood out not just for his latest work but for a catalogue of superb novels representing the intricacies of gay life across the decades.’  Alan said: ‘It feels so especially wonderful that it [my work] should be recognised by such a great campaigning organisation like Stonewall who fight for the larger and important things that we all hold dear.’
Stonewall Community Group of the Year - UK Black Pride. UK Black Pride, recognised for their continuing work to tackle homophobia and racism, were presented with a £5,000 cheque at the ceremony. Phyll Opoku-Gyimah said: ‘Thank you to all of you who voted and who keep on supporting us. And thank you to Nationwide – without this we cannot keep working.’
Special Entertainer Award - Cosmo the Jack Russell (Beginners). Cosmo stole the show as well as viewers’ hearts in his role as Arthur in the hit movie Beginners. He won a Stonewall Award as the most gay-friendly dog in cinema history.
Bigot of the Year - Melanie Phillips. Chosen by thousands of Stonewall supporters. Long infamous for her shrill views on just about everything from the NHS to Barack Obama to gay rights, this year Phillips really outdid herself by comparing gay people to animals.
The Hero, Bigot and Community Group of the Year Awards were voted for by thousands of Stonewall supporters across Britain. All other categories were chosen by a judging panel including England women’s national football team coach, Hope Powell, John Partridge, Gok Wan, TV producer Maureen Chadwick and Eddie Mair.
Ben Summerskill, Stonewall Chief Executive, said: ‘The Stonewall Awards celebrate those who have made a positive impact on gay people’s lives, and also provide a platform to showcase inspirational lesbian, gay and bisexual role models. Those role models make a massive difference to the quality of many young gay people’s lives.’

Stonewall - At £2,000 per annum, membership represents exceptional value for money ...
nutshellComparison - Stonewall list vs Sunday Times list of top 100 companies
Stonewall Top 100 Stonewall Employers
Our members know that people perform better when they can be themselves.
"At £2,000 per annum, membership represents exceptional value for money and a cost-effective way of implementing employers’ responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010."

Sunday Times 100 Best Companies
How employees feel about the head of the company and its senior managers
Wellbeing: How staff feel about the stress, pressure and the balance between their work and home duties
Giving something back: How much companies are thought by their staff to put back into society generally and the local community
Personal growth: To what extent staff feel they are stretched and challenged by their job
My manager: How staff feel towards their immediate boss and day-to-day managers
My company: Feelings about the company people work for as opposed to the people they work with
My team: How staff feel about their immediate colleagues
Fair deal: How happy the workforce is with their pay and benefits
ENEI Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion.
We recognise that equality and inclusion issues often cut across the ‘protected characteristics’ as defined under the Equality Act 2010. ENEI helps employers think about equality and inclusion in a broader sense.
Britain's Top Employers Britain's Top Employers
The Top Employers label is only awarded to organisations that meet top standards in HR. Through objective, fact-based research, we determine whether an organisation meets the requirements and thus qualifies for the exclusive Top Employers certification.

BBC BlogBBC winners at Stonewall Awards, 2012
4 November 2011
Of course, the BBC has a responsibility to reflect and celebrate the diversity of British society in all the content that we make and broadcast. We've been working to improve this representation since we conducted and published the research, but these awards reinforce my belief that we are heading in the right direction.
more ...
OfstedGood practice resource - A whole-school approach to tackling homophobic bullying and ingrained attitudes: Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form
03 Feb 2012
read ...
Stoke Newington has a curriculum which meets the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students (LGBT) and extends all students’ understanding of diversity. Training for all staff, their commitment to equality and diversity and their approach to poor behaviour have successfully tackled homophobic language, attitudes and bullying.
lbwfGetting into the Stonewall Top 100 is great news for Waltham Forest and a real testament to our commitment towards making the organisation as open and inclusive as possible
nutshell Gender equality and cohesion
StonewallStonewall Equality Index
July 2011
Waltham Forest leads London's schools
Gay equality charity Stonewall ranked Waltham Forest as the highest achiever in the capital and third nationally.
The results of the Index, which is the first of its kind produced by Stonewall, were announced by the charity last Friday (1 )
LGPromoting gender equality in Waltham Forest
read ...
The London Borough of Waltham Forest has developed a gender equality scheme (GES) that focuses on both men and women.
The scheme aims to increase information and support to men and women in balancing their work and caring roles and in developing their careers. Promoting gender equality for both sexes has also encouraged a broader and more inclusive understanding of the equality agenda throughout the council.
more ...
lbwf one communityCommunity Cohesion Strategy 2008-2011
Waltham Forest is a place with a strong tradition of tolerance, and understanding between different communities and people from all walks of life.
To help the Council deliver its policy and meet the legal equality duties the Council has committed itself to:
• Promoting equality of opportunity for all
• Opposing all forms of discrimination, intolerance and disadvantage by reducing inequalities that limit people’s life chances
• Ensuring our workforce reflects the diverse communities of Waltham Forest at all levels
• Providing inclusive, accessible and excellent services to all
more ...
nutshell Home Office, Helen Ghosh, WFCouncil
lbwfCllr Marie Pye, Waltham Forest’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing

“Getting into the Stonewall Top 100 is great news for Waltham Forest and a real testament to our commitment towards making the organisation as open and inclusive as possible, especially considering the qualifying criteria were far stricter this year and the competition is fiercer now than it has ever been.
more ...
home officeEqualities: Women at the heart
of plans for economic growth

"We lead on issues relating to women, sexual orientation and transgender equality matters; we have responsibility across government for equality strategy and legislation."
more ...
home officeStonewall Index
Jan 2011
Home Office tops Stonewall Index
A leading charity for lesbian, gay and bisexual people has named the Home Office employer of the year for 2011.
helen GhoshPermanent secretary Helen Ghosh said:
'It is essential that the Home Office represents and understands the communities we serve. With all the challenges that face us, we have to make sure we retain talented staff and help them perform to their full potential.  'That is why I am so pleased that this department has won this significant award.'
Theresa MayTheresa May, the Home Secretary, added:
'I am delighted the Home Office is being celebrated as an employer which supports the diversity of its staff. 'This government will continue to do all it can to tackle discrimination and help make this country a more tolerant and fair place for everybody.'
more ...
WikipediaStonewall riots
On June 28th, 1969, a riot spontaneously erupted in New York city when police raided a gay bar. There was something in the air, freedom a long time overdue, and we're going to fight for it. It took different forms, but the bottom line was, we weren't going to go away. And we didn't. We don't always know what will change history.
more ...
nutshellLGBT associations
Stonewall HousingStonewall Housing
Securing safer spaces for the LGBT communities
Stonewall Housing provides supported housing, advice and advocacy for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in London.
We research and lobby at a strategic level on the housing issues affecting our communities.
We are the only specialist housing support provider in England wholly dedicated to serving the LGBT communities.
At the heart of our work is the aim to help LGBT people find a home they feel safe and secure in.
more ...
Stonewall Uni GuideStonewall’s University Guide
for lesbian, gay and bisexual prospective students and all those in between. It will help you to choose a university that will welcome you and support you in being yourself
QueerhostInternet Services for the LGBT Community
OUTstanding In BusinessOUTstanding In Business
Network, aimed at executives, backed by Google, BP and Barclays. Lord Browne, former chief executive of BP, is on its advisory panel.
Queer Youth NetworkQueer Youth Network
The National LGBT Youth Organisation
Gay Friendly Solicitors Gay Friendly Solicitors
If you feel more relaxed & comfortable doing business with a Gay Friendly Solicitor... Find a contact here.
Directory of Gay Friendly Solicitor listed by Town/City A to Z
You can recommend a gay friendly Solicitor and add them to our website
If you are a gay friendly Solicitor and would like to be added to our website, please e-mail your details.
BT KaleidoscopeBT Kaleidoscope
We have a fantastic track record in BT for our dedication to supporting and developing our LGBT people. As a Stonewall member, in previous years we have consistently been placed in the top 25 companies in the Workplace Equality Index, and more recently in the top 3 in the IGLCC’s (International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) LGBT championship index for Global Corporations.
Kat GreggBT Kaleidoscope
“Not only have I always been happily out at BT, but being part of the LGBT community has afforded me career progression opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have had! BT has encouraged and supported me every step of the way.”
Kat Gregg
Chair of BT Kaleidoscope
IGLCCThe International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (IGLCC)
was founded in 2006 in Hamburg, Germany and is based in Montreal, Canada.
The IGLCC is the world’s leading international LGBT business network with members in 15 countries:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States of America.
GBAThe Gay Business Association
The GBA represents businesses, organisations and individuals in business who provide products and/or services to members of the LGBT community in a non-discriminatory manner, throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
It is a a trade association to fight the inequalities from hostile authorities. Working with other groups we have won legal equality, and today the GBA is a modern day gay chamber of commerce.
ILGA ILGA-Europe is the European region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.
Lesbian and Gay Lawyers AssociationLesbian and Gay Lawyers Association for England and Wales.
LAGLA is the Lesbian and Gay Lawyers Association for England and Wales. We organise lectures, seminars and conferences.
UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration GroupUK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group
From today, asylum decisions will be considered under the new rules and the judgement gives an immediate legal basis for us to reframe our guidance for assessing claims based on sexuality, taking into account relevant country guidance and the merits of each individual case.
Home Secretary Theresa May, 7th July, 2010
Top Top
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LGBT and Stonewall

Some of my best friends are liberal. Bernie Sanders

wfcs New STI figures show rapid increases among gay men
23 June 2015
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I'm out and I'm Proud Gonorrhoea 'causing huge concern'
Kaleidoscope (WF LGBT staff network)

It is important that Waltham Forest local authority responds to the challenge of HIV infection and disease in a humane and compassionate way.

Waltham Forest Town Hall aidsMay 2005 - LBWF Policy Guidelines, Confidentiality – a key issue
The need for especially strict rules of confidentiality in relation to HIV infection/disease derives from the intense atmosphere of fear, misunderstanding and prejudice that characterises may people's response to the virus. It is important that Waltham Forest local authority responds to the challenge of HIV infection and disease in a humane and compassionate way.
NutshellLBWF Policy Guidelines, Confidentiality – a key issue
read ... pdf
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1    Confidentiality – a key issue

1.1       It is essentially a key issue for two prime reasons: the consequences on the individual and their rights. the wider public interest of helping stop the spread of infection.
1.2    The need for especially strict rules of confidentiality in relation to HIV infection/disease derives from the intense atmosphere of fear, misunderstanding and prejudice that characterises may people's response to the virus. It is important that Waltham Forest local authority responds to the challenge of HIV infection and disease in a humane and compassionate way. The consequences of a persons HIV status becoming known can be, and has been, frequently disastrous for them. Many have lost their jobs and their homes and have been rejected and isolated by family, friends, colleagues and society in general. Insensitive or even brutal treatment in both personal and professional relationships is only too common. Because of this there is an urgent need to ensure that both policies and practice are designed to protect the privacy of both employees and service users with HIV infection and disease.
1.3      Although the importance of confidentiality is frequently argued in individual terms, it should not be divorced from the wider public interest. Stopping the spread of infection particularly involves engaging people who are, or who could become, infected in considering and implementing specific behaviour change both to protect themselves and others. A lack of confidentiality only alienates people and means they have less confidence in presenting themselves to statutory and non-statutory agencies. Maintaining confidentiality is therefore an important component in preventing the spread of further infection.

2    The Legal Position

2.1      HIV infection/disease is covered by the 1974 Venereal Disease Regulations, which oblige Health Authorities to maintain strict confidentiality of information regarding people with sexually transmitted diseases.
           The DHSS have subsequently stated that this should also be considered as applying to local authorities.
2.2      Further advice to local authorities is incorporated in DHSS Circular LASSL 86/8, which states:
"There remains potential for Social Isolation if it becomes generally known that a person has AIDS and AIDS related infections. It is particularly important therefore that information identifying such individuals is strictly confined to those people who really must know in order to provide proper care and services. Where such disclosure in these circumstances is required, it should be with the consent of the person concerned save only and exceptionally where medical advice indicated that disclosure is essential to proper care or to prevent a serious risk to the health of others. In the case of disclosure relating to children, parental consent should be sought unless the child is of sufficient age and understanding to be capable of giving the consent him/herself…”
2.3      The provision in the DHSS circular which refers to disclosure without consent in exceptional circumstances needs to be interpreted with great care and in the light of the known infection characteristics of HIV. It is primarily relevant to medical case management and will almost never apply in a local authority context. In the strictest sense of the term, there are no people in a local authority sense, who have an absolute 'need to know' that a service user or colleague have HIV infection or disease. This is because good, hygienic working practice is sufficient to protect staff from any minimal risk of infection. Given the limited methods of transmission (via sexual intercourse, the exchange or transfusion of blood or blood products and from mother to baby) HIV is particularly difficult to transmit in a work setting even in close physical contact, dealing with body fluids. Additionally, since the majority of people currently infected by HIV are so far unidentified - even to themselves - it would be imprudent to rely on knowledge of a person's infection as a basis of employing safe working practices. Good infection control procedures must be standard practice at all times and will protect staff against a whole range of infections with which they may come in contact.

3    Principles of Disclosure

3.1      There are however, situations when knowledge that a service user or employee has HIV infection/disease be essential or desirable for the provision of good services or support. It is in these situations that it will be appropriate to seek the permission of the person with HIV infection/disease for disclosure of their infection to specified others. Examples of this more limited "need to know" could include:
3.1.1    When knowledge of infection influences eligibility or priority for a particular service.
3.1.2   When sharing this information will enable a service to be more sensitively provided or support more effectively given. This is particularly relevant if staff have received appropriate awareness training and are able to recognise and respond to the special needs of the person with HIV infection/disease.
3.1.3   To enable management to be accountable for service delivery and quality or to provide the necessary support for staff. In this case, it would be appropriate to consider whether disclosure of identity is really necessary or whether advice and monitoring could be done on an anonymous basis.
3.1.4   Where it is customary for responsibility for service delivery to be shared on a teamwork basis and effectiveness of the team would be jeopardised if information was not shared.
3.1.5   In some cases it will be safe to assume that a person's HIV infection/disease status will be obvious just by the nature of service provided.
3.1.6   Where there are legal requirements for full disclosure of information arising from other governing legislation, e.g. in relation to work with children.
3.2      Being knowingly in contact with a person who has HIV infection or disease is often a worrying and anxiety-provoking experience, particularly for a member of staff who is not fully aware of the nature and direct implications of the virus. Such staff may well feel over burdened by the knowledge and will feel that they need to share it with others both for their own peace of mind and also to check out implications and possible risks to third parties, particularly colleagues. In these circumstances, staff should be advised to discuss the situation in general terms without revealing the identity of the person concerned. It is important that all staff in this situation should be aware of whom they can approach for accurate, sensitive and confidential advice on the subject of HIV infection and disease.
3.3      The key features that should govern the controlled disclosure of information are:
3.3.1   The informed consent of the person with HIV infection or disease should be sought in each instance.
3.3.2   The number of people to be informed of a person's HIV infection or disease status should be kept to a minimum.
3.3.3   Disclosure should only be considered and consent sought, where there are clear operational reasons why this should happen.
3.3.4   Staff who receive information (either directly or indirectly) need to be fully aware of the need to maintain the strictest confidentiality when they receive such information.
3.3.5   The possibility of sharing information in general terms without disclosing identity should always be considered.

4    The Need for Permission to Disclose

4.1      The DHSS guidance quoted at para 2.2 makes it clear that consent is required before information is disclosed in the interests of proper care and services.
4.2      In view of the potentially demoralising effect of a diagnosis of HIV infection or disease, it is an important feature of a sensitive and responsive service that the right of the person with HIV infection/disease to retain maximum control over decisions made about their care and support is acknowledged and honoured in both policy and practice.
4.3      Disclosure of information about a person's infection should only take place with the informed consent of that person. For consent to be informed, it is necessary to share with the person concerned why there is a need to share information, with whom, and what are the likely consequences of their agreeing to or not agreeing to disclosure. In some instances, for example, non-disclosure could mean that the person would not gain access to a service or support to which they might otherwise have been entitled. It is important to be honest about this and to acknowledge the person's right to decide. Equally the person should be advised of whether and how the information about their infection may be recorded and who would be likely to have access to it. People are not always clear about the extent to which information needs to be shared in large organisations and this too must be explained.
4.4      Once consent has been obtained, it must be the responsibility of the person passing on any information to ensure that disclosure only takes place on the terms agreed with the person with HIV infection/disease. It is therefore important to ensure that the requirement for strict confidentiality and any supporting departmental guidelines are fully explained to, and understood by, the recipient of the information.
4.5      On rare occasions, the requirements of other legislation may make the withholding of information difficult or impossible. Good practice and the safeguarding of the relationship of trust developed between the authority and employees and residents with HIV infection/disease demands that consent should still be sought. If it is withheld, it must be fully explained why and in what circumstances disclosure may be unavoidable before this occurs.

5    Implications of Self-Disclosure

5.1      The importance of the person with HIV infection/disease themselves receiving advice and counselling on self-disclosure cannot be over emphasised. Shock and uncertainty following diagnosis can lead to the person inappropriately disclosing information and then subsequently regretting this. Even the best practice of confidentiality within the Authority can be undermined and lead to significant problems. The provision of advice and counselling for the person concerned can significantly reduce the possibility of disruption and the likelihood of service provision/delivery problems.
5.2      Within Waltham Forest confidential HIV counselling is available from an HIV Counsellor, Tim O’Keefe, Tel: 0208 520 3766.

6    Recording Information

6.1      There are no hard and fast rules about the recording or not of information relating to a person's HIV infection or related illnesses. It will be for individual departments to examine their own practice in the light of such questions as:
Does this information need to be recorded and why?
If it must be recorded, is it necessary for it to be accessible on an open file?
Who will have access to this information and is this acceptable?
Who will type the documents, process or record the information?
Has the person concerned been informed about what is being recorded and who will have access? (This should be standard practice).
6.2      All departments should produce clear guidelines for the recording of information about an individuals HIV infection/disease status.
6.3      Obviously it is important not to create systems that by demanding special treatment of particular information, make a nonsense of confidentiality. If this seems to be a problem, it is worthwhile to consider whether or not other 'medical' information is appropriately recorded. If all medical data is kept in 'restricted access' records, the particular safeguarding of information about HIV infection/disease may be less of an issue.

7    Enforcement and Training

7.1       It is important that the Authority as an employer, as well as individual managers, is clear and explicit about the standards of confidentiality expected from staff. This needs to involve not only formal guidance and statements of policy but also active intervention when workplace information exchange or gossip appears to be in danger of breaching confidentiality.
7.2      This Authority may regard any breaches of confidentiality as a disciplinary offence for consideration through the normal recognised procedures.
7.3      The media attention that HIV and AIDS has received with the accompanying misinformation means that many Council employees are reluctant to provide a service as they lack accurate information about HIV transmission.
           In such instances staff would be provided with training and information about HIV. In addition their partners would also be able to attend the training course if they wished to.
           It is not in the interests of any client with HIV to receive services from staff who do not wish to work with them. As far as possible only staff who have expressed willingness to work with people with HIV infection/disease would be asked to do so.
7.4      Most breaches of confidentiality occur, not out of malice but through thoughtlessness, lack of awareness of the consequences or a misguided wish to protect others perceived to be at risk. Sometimes information is disclosed, not deliberately, but through the inferences drawn by others from unnecessary or elaborate precautions or other untypical behaviour. In such instances education may be a more appropriate and effective management response than coercion, so that staff are generally aware of the nature of the virus and of its potential social and emotional impact on people. The importance of awareness training as a back up to any confidentiality policy is recognised by the Authority.
Children and Young Families

           Guidelines for the Provision of Services to Children and Young People with HIV Infection/Disease and their Families

HIV – the virus that can damage the immune system and sometimes leads to AIDS
AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. A clinical definition indication that a person's immune system is severely damaged by HIV
HIV Infection – term used to indicate that a person is infected with HIV, but has no obvious signs or symptoms to show this
HIV disease – illness resulting from HIV infection. It can range on a spectrum from mildly swollen glands to severe life threatening illness, characteristic of AIDS

1    Paediatric HIV Infection and Disease

1.1       Knowledge and information about Paediatric HIV Infection is constantly changing as more experience is had in dealing with HIV Infection in children and young people. While the way HIV treatment is constant (the 3 routes of infection apply equally to children as to adults) the spectrum of illness and the recommended ways of treating the infections are constantly changing.
1.2      Initial concerns that children with HIV should be isolated from other children to protect the HIV infected child from infection are now dismissed and current (June 1990) medical opinion is that children with HIV should receive all their vaccinations and lead as normal a lifestyle as possible.
1.3      The pattern of illness differs between children who acquire HIV infection. from their mothers during pregnancy and children who become infected after birth.
1.4      Children who acquire HIV from their mothers tend to exhibit one of 2 patterns of illness. Some children become ill within the first months of life, the prognosis for these children is poor and they often die within their first or second year.
1.5      The second group of children do not develop symptoms early in their lives and may grow up being well. The oldest surviving child is now eleven years old. Some of this group of children may develop symptoms, but whether these symptoms are likely to progress to fatal illness is as yet unknown.
1.6      Children who acquire HIV infection later in life, for example, haemophiliac boys or children who have had sex with someone with HIV or shared infected syringe and needles, as yet are showing patterns of illness similar to those in adults.
1.7       It is clear that HIV infection raises many issues for Social Services in our work with children and young people.

2    Philosophy

2.1      The service provided to HIV positive children and young people will be in line with the principle of normal living and equality of access to services with other groups of children and young people. There will be no discrimination in the provision of services to this client group.

3    Testing

3.1      Background   The blood test that is available is not a test for AIDS. A person or child will only be diagnosed as having AIDS if they have an opportunistic infection for which there is no other known cause.
3.2      The test that is available is a test for antibodies to HIV. HIV is the virus that in some people or children can cause AIDS. Antibodies are special chemicals that are produced by the body if it is infected by HIV.
3.3      Young children (below fifteen months old) cannot be reliably tested for HIV: A child below fifteen months of age 'might develop AIDS. Children who develop AIDS early in life currently have a very poor prognosis.
3.4      Being tested for HIV has enormous implications for the child or young person concerned. There is coping with the feelings you may have after being told that you are infected with a virus for which there is no effective treatment or cure. In addition people who have HIV are not currently eligible for life insurance or mortgages and an increasing number of countries around the world have travel restrictions of varying degrees of severity.
3.5      Children with HIV infection are able to take part in the activities that ordinary children do. There is no reason to exclude them from any activity on the grounds of their HIV infection. They do not need special provision made for them on the grounds of their physical health. Information about a child's HIV status does not help carers to provide a 'safer' environment for either the child with HIV or the children around them.

4    Policy and Criteria for Testing for HIV Infection

4.1      There will be no testing of any children or young people looked after by, or using the services of Waltham Forest Social Services Department, unless there is a clearly established need and benefit for the child of a test. Under NO circumstances will service provision be conditional on a child or young person being tested for HIV.
4.2      The informed consent of an individual must be sought before a test is taken. If the child or young person is not old enough or able to give informed consent then the local authority has a responsibility to ensure that it is itself in a position to give informed consent on that child's behalf. This is only the case where children are subject to an Emergency Protection Order or a Care Order. It should be noted that the view of even very young children should be sought.
4.3      If a child or young person requests an HIV antibody test, the child or young person must have an opportunity to have counselling from an experienced HIV Counsellor about the implications of being tested for HIV. In Waltham Forest Tim O’Keefe, provides a confidential counselling service. Tel: 0208 520 3766.
4.4      HIV Counselling should be confidential. No worker should automatically be present during the young person's counselling session.
4.5      A young person may specifically request that their worker be present. In this instance the young person must be made aware that any disclosure may have Child Protection implications that the worker will have a statutory duty to follow up.
4.6      Some young people may disclose the fact that they are lesbian or gay during the counselling. This authority does not regard consensual sex between young people as abusive.
4.7      Children Under Sixteen or unable to give informed consent. For children and young people in care, testing should only be carried out if there is evidence that the health care and management of the child will be adversely affected if the test is not done.
4.8      Children under sixteen who request a test should receive counselling (see 4.3). If the child still wishes to proceed with testing the Assistant Directors (Children & Families), must be informed and their consent sought.
4.9      A child or young person unable to give informed consent. The decision to start the testing procedure can only be made by the Assistant Director (Children & Families). Consent will only be given if the Key Worker can show that it is of benefit to the child or young person to be tested. The decision will be made taking into account the advice of the HIV Co-Ordinator, the Key Worker and whenever possible the child or young person concerned.
4.10    For children and young people accommodated on behalf of parents, consent for HIV testing as of other forms of medical treatment may only be given by the parents, persons with parental responsibility or guardians.
4.11     Specialist medical referrals can be arranged through the HIV unit. It should be remembered that it is not at present possible to test children under 15 months of age for HIV antibodies. An HIV test on a child under 15 months of age will provide information about the mother not the child. As such NO tests on children under the age of 15 months will be carried out.

5    Practice Guidelines on the Testing Procedure

5.1      (1) A meeting should be held in order to consider whether a recommendation should be made to the Assistant Director (Children & Families), that the testing procedure should be started.
5.2      The meeting should be chaired by a Principal Officer (Children & Families). The meeting should be attended by:
The child's Social Worker
The current carer and parent(s)
The Manager of the HIV team
Resource Centre Manager of their nominee
Community paediatrician
The child/young person (the child/young person only to be excluded if there are exceptional and clear reasons).
5.3      (2) If a test is recommended then it will be the responsibility of the Chair of the meeting to prepare and pass a report to the Assistant Director (Children & Families). The report should contain the following information:
Background history
Legal status
Presenting medical problems and medical advice (including the source of the medical advice)
Reason why the request is being made
What purpose the test would serve in terms of future planning and care and management of the child or young person
A list of people present at the meeting
The views of the people with parental responsibility and if there is disagreement, the reasons why the local authority view is being pursued
5.4      If a child or young person becomes seriously ill very quickly then advice from a Specialist HIV Doctor, such as in the HIV team at Great Ormond Street Hospital, would be sufficient without a case conference. The Assistant Director (Children & Families) and the Manager of the HIV team should be kept informed.
5.5      It should be remembered that a form signed by parents regarding medical consent when a child is looked after by the local authority does not cover consent to HIV testing.
5.6      In the event of the Assistant Director (Children & Families) giving their agreement to a test being carried out on a child or young person, the Social Worker or Key Worker for that child will make the appropriate arrangements for pre-test counselling given appropriate age and understanding of the child. For local counselling service see section 4.3.

6    The Test Result

6.1      The test result will be sent to the Assistant Director (Children & Families). A meeting will then be arranged as soon as possible to discuss how the test result should be shared with the young person concerned, what level of support, advice and counselling is required and by whom it will be given.
6.2      The meeting should be attended by a medical adviser, the Manager of the HIV team, and the care plan must contain details of the medical support which will be offered to the child or young person and the carers.

7    Care and Management of Children and Young People with HIV Infection/Disease

7.1       No child or young person will enter care or be accommodated on the grounds of HIV infection alone.
7.2      Decisions about placement of young children with HIV infection/disease will be based on good practice, meeting the needs of the child or young person as a whole, covering cultural, emotional and social aspects.
7.3      Carers do not have the automatic right to know a child's HIV status. Any decisions to pass on this information must be made in line with the procedures outlined in Sections 9 and 10 of this policy.
7.4      All carers, ie adoptive, foster carers and residential staff will be offered appropriate relevant training. Training will also be offered to fieldwork staff, such as family placement workers.

8    Support for HIV Positive Children, Young People and Their Carers

8.1      For the reasons outlined in paragraph 3.4 all young people of an appropriate age and understanding who are expressing the desire to be tested for HIV must receive counselling about the implications of an HIV test result, be it positive or negative.
8.2      Should the test prove positive considerable support will need to be offered to the young person to enable them to live well with the implications of being HIV positive and to maintain confidentiality.
8.3      HIV is primarily a sexually transmitted disease. It is important, therefore, in terms of further prevention of the spread of the virus that all young people in the care of the Council are aware of safe sex practices and receive the necessary support to enable them to implement them in their lives if they choose to.
8.4      Courses on safer sex and counselling will be developed for the staff working with young people.
8.5      HIV is also transmitted through unsafe drug using practices. Young people will be made aware of safe injecting practices where necessary in order that they can protect themselves.
8.6      Carers of children or young people who have HIV infection/disease are under particular stress. The prognosis for the child or young person is uncertain and they will also have to deal with unpredictable community attitudes if the prognosis becomes known.
8.7      In addition many carers are unhappy using normal facilities for respite care for these children for fear of the reactions of the friends or relatives who they would normally use should they find out the child's HIV status. Thought must therefore be given to providing appropriate resources and systems to support these placements.

8.8      A key support to carers will be the provision of good information. Knowledge about HIV infection in children and young people is developing every day. Carers should be introduced to the Social Services HIV Unit as one potential source of up-to-date information about Paediatric HIV infection. In addition carers should have access to up-to-date training and information events.

9    Child Protection

9.1      All child protection discussions and plans are to prevent abuse of the child or children involved. The relevant routes of transmission of HIV are:
penetrative sexual intercourse anal or vaginal with penis
HIV infected blood getting into blood stream of uninfected person (sharing needles and syringes, infected blood transfusions/products)
9.2      In both of the above cases if the child was at risk of HIV infection from the abuser then the child would, irrespective of the HIV status of the abuser, be seen as at risk from, or experiencing abuse. (There have been no cases worldwide of HIV being transmitted through biting).
9.3      It is important to remember that the HIV status of an actual or alleged abuser is not of relevance in child protection conferences.
9.4      In Child Protection Child Conferences no information about HIV status should be disclosed in any way.
9.5      The HIV status of an adult will not be seen as a contributory factor towards registration.
9.6      Other agencies may raise HIV. It is the responsibility of Social Services representatives to ensure that the issues about HIV do not become the focus of discussion. The protection of the child is always the issue.
9.7      The HIV testing of a child or young person is not an appropriate response to their actual or alleged abuse irrespective of the HIV status of the abuser.
9.8      If a child or young person requests an HIV antibody test, the child or young person must have an opportunity to have counselling from an experienced HIV Counsellor about the implications of being tested for HIV: In Waltham Forest Tim O’Keefe, provides a confidential counselling service. Tel: 0208 520 3766.
9.9      HIV counselling should be confidential. No worker should automatically be present during the young person's counselling session. SAME AS 4.4.
9.10    A young person may specifically request that their worker be present. In this instance the young person must be made aware that any disclosures may have Child Protection implications that the worker will have a statutory duty to follow up.

10  Confidentiality

10.1    The implications of a breach of confidentiality for a child with HIV infection/disease and their carers are potentially devastating. Peoples reactions to HIV infection are often irrational and based on inaccurate information about the routes of HIV transmission. Information that a child has HIV infection does not assist the carer(s) to provide a safer environment for that child or for other children. It is therefore ESSENTIAL that the number of people who are aware of a child's or young person's HIV status be kept to a minimum.
10.2    If a carer or young person chooses to disclose information about their HIV status it is the responsibility of the person to whom it is disclosed to pass on the information to their senior manager (for example the Officer in charge). The member of staff should not disclose this information to any other person.
10.3    The Officer in Charge should then work with that member of staff to identify if the carer or child/young person has any specific needs around HIV infection. For example a need for increased support or specialist information.
10.4    The HIV unit can be contacted to provide specialist advice if necessary. It is not necessary to disclose the identity of the specific service user or users when seeking this advice.
10.5    If the Senior Manager wishes to share the information further then they need to ask the following set of questions:
What information needs to be shared? Why?
Has the young person/carer(s) given their informed consent for this information to be shared?
Who will have access to this information? Is this acceptable?
What are the clear operational reasons for sharing this information?
What are the advantages to the child/young person of sharing this information?
What are the disadvantages to the child/young person of sharing this information?
What are the advantages to the carer(s) of sharing this information?
What are the disadvantages to the carer(s) of sharing this information?
Is there any way to enable the child/young person and or carer(s) to get the advantages already outlined without disclosing the information and/or identity
Why not?
10.6    If there are clear benefits to the child/young person or their carer(s) of the information being shared further and the carer(s) or young person agree then the information may be shared according to the procedures outlined below in 11.1.
10.7    If there is thought to be a need to share the information with an organisation or individual not covered in these guidelines the Senior Manager must discuss the reason for that referral or disclosure with either the manager of the HIV team or the Assistant Director (Children & Families) BEFORE disclosing the information.

11  Assessing Other Services

11.1     Normally there is no need to disclose the HIV status of the child or those with parental responsibilities.
11.2     A worker may consider that it is in the interests of the child that their HIV status be disclosed. In this case the worker with their Manager must meet with the Assistant Director (Children & Families), and adviser from the HIV Unit. The Assistant Director (Children & Families) will decide whether the HIV status of the child may be disclosed and to whom.
11.3     In making permanent placements the HIV status of the child should be disclosed to the parental carer(s).
11.4     All referrals for permanence will be treated anonymously and the names and addresses deleted. The name and address of the child must not be referred to in professional discussions and referral meetings.
HIV Infection/AIDS

1    Introduction

1.1       AIDS is short for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It refers to the destruction - by a virus known as HIV (Human Immuno - Deficiency Virus) of the body's natural ability to fend off infections. Not everyone infected with the virus develops AIDS, although the virus remains in their body for the rest of their lives.
1.2      Waltham Forest Council recognises that the seriousness of HIV infection and AIDS requires a clear statement of the authority's position on related issues which affect the local authority as an employer, service provider and promoter of public health.
1.3      The purpose of this document is to provide a statement of the Council's policy on HIV infection/AIDS, in pursuance of the protection and promotion of health in the Borough, and the welfare of the authority's employees and the wider public it serves.
1.4      The council will keep under review and monitor the effectiveness of its policy on HIV infection/AIDS, in order to implement any revisions necessary to achieve objectives of this policy, in light of new information and other nation-international experience and guidance. Any amendments to the Policy arising from a review will be made subject to consultation with appropriate Trade Unions.

2    Recruitment and Selection

2.1      The council will adhere to the Equal Opportunities Policy in all recruitment and selection of staff.
2.2      The medical fitness of applicants who meet all other appointment criteria shall be determined through the normal process of consideration by the Council's Medical Adviser.
2.3      The council will ensure that internal or external candidates for posts in the authority's services are not discriminated against in recruitment and selection on the grounds that they are HIV anti-body positive.
2.4      The council will not require current or future employees, or applicants for posts in the authority's services to be tested for HIV anti-body.
2.5      If an applicant is known to have AIDS then the council will need to take a reasoned view based on all circumstances such as medical advice, the person's ability to work satisfactory at the time of appointment, nature of the post applied for, etc., before offering employment. The medical adviser may, at his/her discretion, pass an applicant as fit for employment whilst at the same time advise against that employee's entry to the superannuation.

3    Sickness and Continuing Employment

3.1      People with HIV infection/AIDS will be entitled to the same conditions of employment in respect of sickness absence and pay as all other employees.
3.2      Employees will be given every opportunity to discuss redeployment to alternative jobs but will not be prevented from continuing work, except where, through the standard procedures, they are not deemed medically fit to do so.
3.3      Sympathetic consideration will be given to requests from employees for special leave, in accordance with normal arrangements, in order to care for people for whom they have responsibility who are ill as a consequence of HIV infection.

4    Counselling and Support

4.1      If it becomes known that an employee has HIV infection/AIDS the council will ensure that resources are available to provide adequate support and any reasonable arrangements to enable work to be continued.
4.2      The council's staff welfare officer will be available to employees for initial counselling on a confidential basis, as a route to more specialist counselling and support. The council accepts that employees with HIV infection/ AIDS may prefer such counselling to be provided by an external specialist service. Time-off with pay will be granted as necessary to attend for counselling.

5    Confidentiality

5.1      The local authority will take all steps to ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained where an employee or receiver of the authority's services has HIV infection/or AIDS. Only those with a need to know will be informed, and normally only with the consent of the person with AIDS.
5.2      The local authority will regard any breach of confidentiality in such circumstances as a disciplinary offence to be dealt with through the Council's procedures.
5.3      An employee who discriminates against another employee or user of a service because she/he has HIV infection or AIDS, shall be potentially guilty of a disciplinary offence which may be dealt with through disciplinary procedures recognised under the council's Equal Opportunities Policy.

6    Education and Training

6.1      The council recognises that its employees may have fears and uncertainties about HIV infection/AIDS. The council will take all necessary steps to ensure:
the development of appropriate education and training which will promote a better understanding about AIDS related matters:
that HIV infection/AIDS related training is included within its central and departmental training programme:
that appropriate employees receive clear guidelines on health and safety procedures on how to avoid accidental cross-infection with HIV and other infectious diseases.
all council employees will be expected to take advantage of special training and equipment offered in relation to providing services for people with HIV infection/AIDS.

7    Service Provision

7.1       The council will ensure that no individual will be denied a service to which they are entitled to on the grounds that they have HIV infection/AIDS. However, if a person is not prepared to have this information shared with those who need to know, it may be necessary to advise that person that some Council services will be more difficult to provide.
7.2      The council will require all relevant departments to produce plans relevant to the needs of people with HIV infection/AIDS, following the broad principles of the Policy Statement.

8    Collaboration

8.1      The council will seek to cooperate with local Health Authorities and other relevant organisations, or groups to ensure the development of a co-ordinated approach to:
prevent the spread of HIV infection in the Borough
the provision of advice and counselling to those concerned about HIV infection/AIDS related matters; and
training and education

9    Public Health Legislation

9.1      Waltham Forest Council will endeavour to avoid having recourse to Sections 37, 38 and other related sections of the 1984 Public Health (Control of Diseases) Act for people with AIDS.
9.2      The council recognises its primary responsibility to protect the general public from infectious disease. However, in enforcing the provisions of the legislation, the District Medical Officer and Chief Environment Health Officer, as duly appointed Proper Officers, will normally ensure that the Director of Social Services and Director of Housing, together with such other senior officers as may be pertinent, shall be consulted.
9.3      If the use of the Act becomes necessary the council will ensure that this is done wisely and with compassion.

10  Implementation of the Policy

10.1    All departments of the council will be required to produce clear guidelines on how they will implement this policy, within the broad framework as employers and as providers of services (in respect of which other policy statements will apply).
10.2    All managers will be responsible for the implementation of this and other equal opportunities policies. Within each department, a lead officer shall act as liaison officer with central personnel and other agencies dealing with employment and all other aspects of the Council's responsibilities on HIV infection/AIDS.
10.3    The council will ensure that the various employees' trade unions are consulted on the details of implementation of this policy and its further development. It recognises that their support and understanding of the issues involved will play an important part in the educational process.


Document reference CS348  Ÿ May 2005

11 May 2005 Ÿ DW
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Gay MayorMayor Richard Sweden with the Rainbow Flag flying outside the town hall
Waltham Forest Council has been named one of the best places to work for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people.
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lbwfMay 2007. - Kaleidoscope
Following from a Management Development Programme (MDP) project report in 2005, the Council supported staff to set up a steering group to help remove the barriers faced by LGBT staff. The steering group then developed a LGBT staff network which was launched on IDAHO on 17 May 2007.
nutshell Kaleidoscope, LGBT staff network
Following from a Management Development Programme (MDP) project report in 2005, the Council supported staff to set up a steering group to help remove the barriers faced by LGBT staff.
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The steering group then developed a LGBT staff network which was launched on IDAHO on 17 May 2007.
LBWF Management board LGBT champion
Senior management have a clear commitment to doing more to support LGBT equality in the workplace.

Michelle Moloney, Director of Residents First is the Council's LGBT Champion. Michelle will be working with the LGBT Steering Group and other stakeholders and leading on Council-side communications with all staff on LGBT issues to raise their profile and ensure that all staff have access to LGBT information and support. Michelle will be working closely with the Chairs of the Council's LGBT Steering Group and meeting with Daniel Danso of Stonewall, the lesbian gay and bisexual charity as well as linking into the valuable work done by the LGBT Champion at Ernst and Young who has offered support.

The Council is committed to treating all its staff with respect and dignity and creating a working environment that is safe, harmonious and free from harassment and victimisation. The Council values its diverse workforce. By reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve we can improve the quality of our services and send out a positive message about inclusion and equality of access. For example the Council was recently named by Stonewall as the highest achiever in the capital and third nationally for work in youth involvement projects supporting young people to speak out against homophobia. This achievement was made possible by the work of our LGBT colleagues.

Kaleidoscope (LGBT staff network)

The original staff network was launched on 17 May 2007. The group was refreshed with a new name on our 5th birthday on 17 May 2012 at the event to mark IDAHO – International Day to end Homophobia On this day Kaleidoscope extended its membership to NHS colleagues in North East London Foundation Trust

Who can attend the group

Kaleidoscope is open to any LGBT member of staff working for Waltham Forest Council in schools in Waltham Forest or in NELFT.

Benefits to Waltham Forest Council of having Kaleidoscope (LGBT staff network)

Advocacy and promotion
Provides point of contact for staff and voice for LGBT staff within LBWF and schools
Development of LGBT awareness raising course

Recruitment and retention
Shows visible commitment to diversity internally and externally
Stonewall kite mark = Employer of choice

Community cohesion and engagement
The present of the network and the borough’s engagement in LGBT events such as marking IDAHO  helps the borough reach the community of LBWF and demonstrates the boroughs commitment to equality and diversity and that the borough is a  service provider of choice

Staff engagement
The network is of benefit to individual LGBT members of staff and can also be a resource for non LGBT staff, in relation to consultation on strategies etc, also a  management and  staff support resource

Benefits for staff of having and being part of Kaleidoscope (LGBT staff network)

Point of support
A named point of contact for the authority and for schools which is anonymous and confidential and can provide advice and sign posting.
Mentoring available from named contacts.

Opportunity to learn and enhance personal skills around

  • Event organisation
  • Negotiation skills through links with senior management and HR

As well as opportunities to networking across the borough and  with external partners

Representing your borough
Opportunity to represent  Waltham Forest externally at events such as Pride etc.

Kaleidoscope meeting dates 2012/13
3 July 2012 Pre Pride meet up at Walthamstow Town Hall
7 July 2012 – taking part in WorldPride parade with the other 3 London Boroughs who are part of Stonewall top 100 (let us know if you want to take part)
18 October 2012 Meet up in Town Hall
6 December 2012 winter social event venue and date to be confirmed
February 2013 marking LGBT history month – date and venue to be confirmed depending on events taking place

Stonewall annual workplace questionnaire

Stonewall, an organisation that works to achieve equality and justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexual people, is conducting their annual survey to identify Britain’s top employers for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) staff. All LGB staff are encouraged to participate in this survey. More on the questionnaire

About these pages

This site aims to:
  • Keep you updated with the work of the Steering Group
  • Keep you informed of the LGBT Staff Network Events
  • Inform staff of their rights under the Framework for Personal Practice and Managing People, as well as the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003 and the forthcoming Equality Act 2006.
  • Help the Council progress, we have recently signed up to Stonewall’s Diversity Champions Programme in 2006. This programme is the leading good practice forum on sexual orientation. Over 300 organisations have signed up to the programme.
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National Council for Civil Liberties and Paedophile Information Exchange

The PIE based  its call for greater rights on campaigns by the gay liberation movement

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19 March 2018
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One of the largest inquiries into the alleged abuse of teenage Army recruits in Britain has collapsed after the Royal Military Police bungled the investigation.
A judge branded the three-year police inquiry “seriously flawed” as he halted the first of three courts martial amid problems of missing evidence and claims that witnesses were forced to make statements.
There are also fears that the RMP may have mishandled other cases, such as Operation Northmoor — the inquiry into alleged abuses by British soldiers in Afghanistan — and there are now calls for senior RMP officers to be investigated.
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Allegations 'have been mishandled by authorities' with attackers left unpunished
Telford's Tory MP, Lucy Allan, has called for an urgent Rotherham-style inquiry
Lucy Lowe, 16, was murdered alongside her mother and sister after her abuser set fire to their house. She had given birth to his child at just 14 
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Former footballers have come forward to say they were sexually abused as youth players.  
The FA has instructed independent leading counsel Kate Gallafent QC, an expert in child protection, to assist with its review.
The internal review will look at what information the FA was aware of at relevant times, which clubs were aware and what action was, or should have been, taken.The Child Protection in Sport Unit, which has assisted the FA in relation to its safeguarding procedures since 2000, will also carry out an independent audit into the FA's practices.
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A former Chelsea footballer claims the club paid him £50,000 to keep quiet about allegations of sexual abuse by a former chief scout.
Gary Johnson told the Mirror he had been abused as a youth player in the 1970s by Eddie Heath, who is now dead.
According to the Mirror, in 2015 Mr Johnson signed a confidentiality agreement and accepted £50,000 from the club, but they did not accept blame.
Chelsea said they had appointed a law firm to investigate a former employee.
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Sex abuse victims have been "utterly marginalised" by an inquiry set up to help them, one of the victims claimed.
The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) is examining the extent to which religious groups and local authorities failed children.
Earlier this week a latest victims group - Survivors of Organised and Institutional Abuse (SOIA) - withdrew from the process.
The IICSA said it had "taken on board" a number of issues raised by SOIA.
SOIA said the group had taken the decision to withdraw "with regret" but said the inquiry was "not fit for purpose".
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Dame Lowell Goddard urged Amber Rudd, the home secretary, to carry out a full review of the inquiry that stretches back more than 60 years and spans institutions including the church, councils, schools and Westminster. It is expected to run for at least a decade at a cost of £100 million. The national public inquiry into child sex abuse is too big, unwieldy and under-funded to succeed, and must be overhauled, according to the judge who quit as its chief last month.
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The chair of the independent inquiry into child sex abuse has vowed to continue after a victims' group quit and called for her to be replaced.   Home Secretary Amber Rudd has backed Prof Jay's leadership.
'Dark institutional failings'
Prof Jay, who is the fourth chair of the inquiry following earlier resignations, wrote :  "There are some people who would like to see us fail because it suits their agenda to not want dark institutional failings brought into the light.
wfcwThe National Council for Civil Liberties
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The NCCL was founded in 1934. The inaugural meeting took place in the church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London on 22 February. A letter published in The Times and The Guardian newspapers announced the formations of the group, citing "the general and alarming tendency to encroachment on the liberty of the citizen" as the reason for its establishment.
wfcwPaedophile Information Exchange
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PIE was set up as a special interest group within the Scottish Minorities Group by founder member Michael Hanson, who became the group's first Chairman. Since the majority of enquiries were from England, PIE relocated to London in 1975 where 23-year old Keith Hose became its new Chairperson. The group's stated aim was to "to alleviate [the] suffering of many adults and children" by campaigning to abolish the age of consent thus legalising sex between adults and children.
What was the National Council for Civil Liberties?
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Founded in 1934, its stated aim was to defend "the whole spirit of British freedom". Among its many causes, it campaigned against press censorship and internment in Northern Ireland, and in favour of race relations laws and legalising homosexuality. It changed its name to Liberty in 1989.

Liberty's director, Shami Chakrabarti, has called the previous link with the paedophile rights group a "source of continuing disgust and horror"
What was the Paedophile Information Exchange?
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It was one of several organisations around the world calling for greater tolerance and paedophile "rights" set up during the 1970s. It campaigned for a lowering of the age of consent to 10 and lobbied MPs for changes to the law.
In 1975 it was granted "affiliate" status by the National Council for Civil Liberties, nowadays called Liberty. This happened before Harriet Harman became the council's legal officer in 1978.
In 1977 the exchange's founder, Tom O'Carroll, gave a speech at the council's spring conference.
The Paedophile Information Exchange and other organisations, such as Paedophile Action for Liberation, said they were basing their call for greater rights on campaigns by the gay liberation movement, which had taken off in the early 1970s.
The exchange was disbanded in 1984, after several prosecutions of leading members and amid press condemnation.
O'Carroll, who served on one of the National Council for Civil Liberties' committees, has told the BBC that Ms Harman, Mr Dromey and Ms Hewitt did not do "much to oppose" its involvement because "their careers in the NCCL depended upon them not rocking the boat too much".
But he says he only met one of the three - Ms Hewitt - on one occasion and that he received no support from any of them.
bbcWhat is the Harman-Mail row about?
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What is the story about?
The Daily Mail has been carrying reports for several days about the links between an organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange and the National Council for Civil Liberties during the 1970s and early 1980s.
It has highlighted the fact that Labour's Deputy Leader Harriet Harman, her husband and fellow Labour MP Jack Dromey and former Labour Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt all worked for the council at various stages.

wfcwLabour peer Baroness Barbara Castle drew up dossier on VIP paedophiles: File seized by Special Branch 'heavy mob'
16 July 2014
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Special Branch officers seized a paedophile dossier naming Establishment figures drawn up by Labour peer Barbara Castle in the 1980s, it was claimed.
Officers citing ‘national security’ confiscated the file which listed 16 MPs along with senior policemen, headteachers and clergy, it was said.The dossier was collated by the late Baroness Castle of Blackburn who handed it to Don Hale, the editor of her local newspaper, the Bury Messenger.

wfcwWho is Harriet Harman?
Labour's deputy leader has been an MP since 1982. She joined the National Council for Civil Liberties in 1978 as a legal officer, where she became a noted campaigner for women's rights. She became social security secretary when Labour took power in 1997 but was sacked in 1998 after a row over welfare reform with another minister, Frank Field. Ms Harman returned to government in 2001 as solicitor general, later becoming a justice minister. In 2007 she was elected Labour's deputy leader.
wfcwWho is Jack Dromey?
A long-serving trade union activist, Jack Dromey came to prominence during the strike at the Grunwick photograph-processing plant in west London from 1976 to 1978. He served on the National Council for Civil Liberties' executive committee from 1970 to 1979.
Married to Harriet Harman for more than 30 years, he was elected Labour MP for Birmingham Erdington in 2010 and is a shadow local government minister.
wfcwWho is Patricia Hewitt?
Born and raised in Australia, Patricia Hewitt was general secretary of the National Council for Civil Liberties from 1974 to 1983. She later worked for Labour, becoming leader Neil Kinnock's policy co-ordinator. She became an MP in 1997. Ms Hewitt served as health secretary, before standing down when Gordon Brown became prime minister in 2007.
In January 2010, she tried and failed to secure a secret ballot of Labour MPs on Mr Brown's leadership - described as an attempted "coup" by many - and was later suspended by the Parliamentary Labour Party after being secretly filmed by Channel 4's Dispatches offering her services as a lobbyist when she stepped down as an MP. She left Parliament at the 2010 general election.
wfcwNew evidence links Patricia Hewitt to paedophile group's calls for age of consent to be lowered to just 10 and that incest should not be a crime
27 February 2014 |
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Former Labour cabinet minister was general secretary of NCCL in 1970s
  • Hewitt says she takes responsibility for the mistakes made at the time
  • 65-year-old adds that NCCL was 'naive and wrong' over links with PIE
  • But documents cast doubt on claims she never 'condoned' child abusers
  • Press release in her name argues for age of consent to be slashed and that incest should not be a crime
  • Jack Dromey denies backing proposal to cut age of consent to 10 despite minutes of meeting saying he was there and that members had 'agreed'
  • David Cameron believe Miss Hewitt is 'right' to apolgise, piling further pressure on Harriet Harman and her shadow minister husband

wfcwOK to have sex with 10-yr-olds
Sun exposes full horror of paedophile plan
28th February 2014
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LABOUR’S Patricia Hewitt last night apologised after The Sun confronted her for backing a paedophile plan for the age of consent to be TEN in certain cases.
The ex-Health Secretary put her name to a document that also wanted to legalise incest. She and Jack Dromey, now a Labour MP, were members of a committee recommending a revolutionary change in child sex laws.
Our investigation showed how she backed the work of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) in the 1970s and 1980s. She said: “I got it wrong on PIE and I apologise for having done so.”
Join Sun+ to

wfcwNew evidence links NCCL to PIE
Mar 01 2014
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The National Council for Civil Liberties placed a recruitment advert for new members in the house  magazine of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange, it emerged yesterday.
wfcwTom Watson, Labour MP, calls for probe into state cash for Paedophile Information Exchange after claims files that prove it received taxpayers' money have been shredded
25 February 2014
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Tom Watson MP also demands wider police inquiry into paedophile group, But sources say everything held on PIE post-1979 has been destroyed. Watson warns Tories too face questions about paedophiles in their ranks
Home Secretary Theresa May has asked Mark Sedwill, the permanent secretary at the Home Office, to investigate after details of the claims were passed on by Labour MP Tom Watson.
wfcwPrime minister Cameron confirmed that Patrick Rock was arrested after being approached by the Daily Mail.
Mr Cameron answers questions about decision not to reveal arrest or resignation of aide over child abuse image claims.  He said: as soon as questions were asked, as questions would inevitably be asked, we have given very full and straightforward answers, which is absolutely the right way to answer this.
NutshellPatrick Rock arrest: David Cameron defends secrecy
wfcw4 March 2014
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Prime minister answers questions about decision not to reveal arrest or resignation of aide over child abuse image claims
David Cameron has defended his handling of the arrest of his aide Patrick Rock over an alleged offence related to child abuse images, as it emerged the adviser was subject to a complaint about "alleged inappropriate behaviour" during his time at Downing Street.
The prime minister said he was "profoundly shocked" by allegations against Rock, who had worked on government policy about placing filters on internet pornography to protect children.
Downing Street is facing questions about why it kept Rock's arrest secret and appears to have allowed him to find out about the allegations before the police arrived at his home.
Defending the delay in releasing the information, Cameron said: "I don't think it would be right to pre-emptively brief out a criminal investigation and that's why we did not do that.
"But as soon as questions were asked, as questions would inevitably be asked, we have given very full and straightforward answers, which is absolutely the right way to answer this.
"I've been clear right along – and I was told about this issue pretty much as soon as it was discovered – and I have been very clear we must handle this in an absolutely correct way and I am satisfied that is what No 10 Downing Street has done."
He added: "I have to be careful about what I say about this issue because a criminal investigation is under way. He did play an important role at Downing Street and he's resigned that position."
On Tuesday, the prime minister's official spokesman revealed that Rock was the subject of a complaint about "alleged inappropriate behaviour" during his employment at No 10, but declined to say whether this was linked to the current accusations, what the exact timing of his resignation was, and how Cameron found out about the allegations.
The spokesman defended the decision not to be proactive about revealing the arrest or resignation of Rock before a newspaper asked questions, saying it would not have been appropriate.
He refused several times to confirm whether Rock was confronted about the allegations before the police were alerted, saying only that Downing Street had informed the National Crime Agency (NCA) immediately. However, he did say Rock resigned on 12 February and was not arrested until the early hours of 13 February.
The spokesman also refused to reveal whether the allegation of inappropriate behaviour had been dealt with by Ed Llewellyn, Cameron's chief of staff and an old friend of Rock.
"I can confirm that a complaint around alleged inappropriate behaviour was raised. The matter was dealt with very seriously at senior levels in full accordance with the Cabinet Office's human resources policy," the spokesman said.
Rock was arrested at his west London flat the morning after Downing Street was first made aware of the potential offence. Officers from the NCA subsequently examined computers and offices used in Downing Street by Rock, who was the deputy director of No 10's policy unit.
Tom Watson, a senior Labour MP who is calling for a public inquiry into the child abuse allegations, said: "There is a duty of care to Mr Rock, who has not been charged with anything as of today, yet I do think it is not unreasonable for Downing Street to explain why he resigned hours before the police appear to have acted."
No 10 confirmed on Monday evening that Rock had been arrested after being approached by the Daily Mail. A spokesman said: "On the evening of 12 February, Downing Street was first made aware of a potential offence relating to child abuse imagery. It was immediately referred to the National Crime Agency (Ceop).
"The prime minister was immediately informed and kept updated throughout. Patrick Rock was arrested at his home in the early hours of 13 February, a few hours after Downing Street had reported the matter. Subsequently, we arranged for officers to come into No 10 and have access to all IT systems and offices they considered relevant.
"This is an ongoing investigation so it would not be appropriate to comment further, but the prime minister believes that child abuse imagery is abhorrent and that anyone involved with it should be properly dealt with under the law."
The arrest of Rock, 62, who had been tipped for a Tory peerage, will have come as a severe shock to the prime minister and the Tory establishment. Cameron and Rock worked together as special advisers to Michael Howard in his time as home secretary in the mid 1990s. Rock later worked for Lord Patten alongside Llewellyn, during his time as a European commissioner in Brussels.
Rock was never a member of Cameron's innermost circle, whose members are closer to the prime minister's age. But he was a respected and trusted figure who shared Cameron's sense of humour.
The Daily Telegraph columnist Benedict Brogan recalled in 2011, when Rock started working in No 10, that he and Cameron repaired to the Two Chairmen pub on the day John Smith died in 1994.
"We both agreed that Blair coming meant that we would be fucked," he was quoted as saying. Brogan also wrote that Rock coined the phrase: "Cows moo, dogs bark, Labour put up taxes."
Rock helped to draw up the government policy that led to the deal on the use of online filters with the large internet firms. Under the deal, all households connected to the internet will be contacted to be asked if they would like the filters installed.
Rock faced embarrassment last year when he was photographed walking up Downing Street clutching a document outlining progress on hundreds of pledges made by the coalition. Ed Miliband said the document, which admitted that some of the 399 pledges had not been met, was an "audit of coalition broken promises".

wfcwFormer police inspector Clive Driscoll, Scotland Yard detective, says top brass sabotaged his bid to expose Blair minister in Establishment paedophile ring
25 July 2015
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  • Detectives identified 12 suspected abusers operating in children's homes
  • The 1998 list included a minister in Tony Blair's government and a celebrity
  •  Inspector Clive Driscoll was moved off case and transferred to a new area
  • He was told of ‘orders from on high’ before investigation was shut down
In the process, those 12 suspected abusers, including the minister, were kept out of the firing line for more than 15 years. Things had started to unravel roughly three weeks after the meeting on November 26, 1998, when the police inspector, Clive Driscoll, was summoned to a meeting by his superintendent.
There, he learned he was being moved off the investigation, and transferred out of Lambeth, with immediate effect, due to what the superintendent opaquely called ‘orders from on high’.
Shortly afterwards, Operation Trawler was unceremoniously shut down, and its remaining staff transferred to other duties, again due to apparent ‘orders on high’.
Records of its existence, including paperwork identifying the 12 suspects, were transferred to police and council archives, where many crucial documents would subsequently disappear. Finally, that December, Driscoll, a highly-regarded police officer with two decades of service, found himself being disciplined for alleged misconduct, for having shared the high-profile men’s names in that original, supposed confidential meeting.
The formal complaint was eventually dropped, but not before he’d been forced to undergo a highly unpleasant disciplinary hearing. By the time he learned he was in the clear, all hope of continuing to pursue the investigation had vanished.
All of which meant that — by accident or design — the allegations he hoped to investigate were kicked into the long grass.
There they remained until early last year when, amid growing public concern about historic child sex offences and their apparent cover-up, Driscoll gave a brief interview about his experience in Lambeth to BBC2’s Newsnight programme.
wfcwFury over National Crime Agency that does EVERYTHING in secret
March 4, 2014
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Detained: Patrick Rock, deputy director of the No 10 policy unit, was arrested by officers of the National Crime Agency almost three weeks ago
The National Crime Agency, dubbed ‘Britain’s FBI’, was plunged into a major secrecy row last night after it refused to comment on its arrest of a top Number 10 aide.
Senior officials at the agency maintained total silence on the controversial detention of Patrick Rock.
David Cameron’s trusted advisor was spirited away in the middle of the night when officers knocked on the door of his West London home.
But in an extraordinary move, the fledgling agency said it would not ‘confirm or deny’ its involvement in any ‘on-going investigation’.
This unprecedented declaration hides the fact that hundreds of criminal suspects are being deprived of their liberty in secret.
The Daily Mail can reveal that only a tiny proportion of the 350 people arrested by the agency since it opened its doors last October have received any publicity.
And this ultra-secrecy stands in stark contrast to every other police force in Britain and recently released official guidance.
Police forces will always confirm if an arrest has been made and leaders at the College of Policing state this is clearly in the public interest.
They have gone on to add that forces can also identify
Militant Tendency

In the mid-1980s the Labour Party considered Militant to be a separate organization within the party and banned it Right from its inception,

MilitantSocialist party leader submits application to rejoin Labour
11 November 2016
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Peter Taaffe, the driving force behind the hard-left organisation Militant Tendency, has submitted an application to rejoin the Labour party, as part of a group of 75 activists, in the hope of strengthening Jeremy Corbyn’s hand against backbench rebels.
Taaffe, who now leads the Socialist party, the successor to Militant, said he and his allies had more than 1,000 years of Labour membership between them, before they were thrown out during a party crackdown.
“Jeremy represents a new era: democratic, open and so on,” Taaffe told the Guardian. “Our position is that a new era needs a new form of organisation, which embraces different strands on the left.”
wfcwLeader of expelled leftwing group Militant expects readmission to Labour
10 August 2016
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Former Labour members who have been expelled must submit their applications directly to the party’s ruling national executive committee.
A Labour spokesperson said: “It is against Labour’s rules to be a member of another political party or organisation which has its own programme, principles and policy, or distinctive and separate propaganda and which is therefore ineligible for affiliation to the party.” Labour sources said “They don’t support democratic socialism.”
WikipediaThe Militant tendency, originally the Revolutionary Socialist League, was a Trotskyist entryist group within the British Labour Party based around the Militant newspaper which was first published in 1964. According to Michael Crick, its politics were influenced by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky and "virtually nobody else".
In 1982, a Labour Party commission found Militant in contravention of clause II, section 3 ofthe party's constitution, and declared it ineligible for affiliation to the Labour Party. In 1983, the five members of the Editorial Board of the Militant newspaper were expelled from the Labour Party. At this point the group claimed internally to have about 4,300 members, a figure which may be generous.

MilitantMilitant played a leading role in Liverpool City Council between 1983 and 1987 when 47 councillors were banned and surcharged.[4][5] From 1983, a series of moves led by the Labour Party's National Executive Committee and leader Neil Kinnock led to the expulsion of prominent members of the group, and the eventual loss of Militant's three Labour MPs. These actions ended Militant's influence within the Party.
Between 1989 and 1991 Militant led the All-Britain Anti-Poll Tax Federation's non-payment campaign against the Community Charge ('poll tax'). In 1991, Militant decided by a large majority to abandon entryism in the Labour Party. Ted Grant, once the group's most important member, was expelled, and his breakaway minority, now known as Socialist Appeal, continued with the entryist strategy. The majority changed its name to Militant Labour, and then in 1997 to the Socialist Party.
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MarxEngelsRight from its inception, Militant has been scrupulously democratic, both in its organisation and in its approach towards its political opponents in the labour movement. Decisions, including the one which led to the publication of Militant,were determined democratically by committed supporters. Those who paid money regularly to Militant and were involved in our local discussion groups determined its policy.
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TalkTalkMilitant Tendency
In British politics, left-wing faction originally within the Labour Party, aligned with the publication Militant. It became active in the 1970s, with radical socialist policies based on Trotskyism (see Trotsky), and gained some success in local government, for example in the inner-city area of Liverpool.
In the mid-1980s the Labour Party considered it to be a separate organization within the party and banned it.
A number of senior Militants were expelled from the party in 1986, amid much legal conflict. The contested deselection of the incumbent member of Parliament Frank Field as Labour candidate for Birkenhead, Lancashire, in 1990 led to renewed allegations of Militant infiltration of the Labour Party. In 1991 a Militant Tendency candidate openly contested the Liverpool (Walton) by-election with the official Labour candidate and in 1996 Militant remained influential in the city.
more ...


Labour International is the official international sector of the British Labour party and wants it to be clear that it is not connected with Labour Internationalists.

Brexit, in or out,  I want to be leader!
wfcwLabour conference: Corbyn says UK could be better off outside EU if right deal available
22 September 2019
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Jeremy Corbyn's interview with Andrew Marr – summary
Corbyn said the UK could be better off outside the EU than within if the right Brexit deal were available.
While recognising that most party members wanted the UK to remain in the EU, Corbyn said it was important to recognise why 17 million people voted to leave.
wfcwLabour anti-Semitism: Tom Watson clashes with party boss
2 March 2/019
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General secretary Jennie Formby accused deputy leader Tom Watson of "completely unacceptable" behaviour for asking that complaints about anti-Semitism be forwarded to him for monitoring.
She said his approach would "undermine" and "pollute" existing party processes.
Mr Watson stood by his request, saying "opacity and delay" by the party had led to "a complete loss of trust".
The Labour Party has been dealing with complaints of anti-Semitism over the last two years.
Mr Watson's original intervention came after nine MPs quit the Labour Party last month citing the party's failure to tackle anti-Semitism as one of the reasons.
wfcwTom Watson reveals he quit Labour due to 'brutality and hostility' within party
27 December 2019
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Tom Watson, Labour’s former deputy leader, has revealed for the first time that he was driven out of Parliament due to the “brutality and hostility” he was subjected to by the hard-Left.
Speaking in the wake of Labour’s crushing election defeat, Mr Watson admitted that the “day to day” abuse he was subjected to had contributed to his decision to quit as an MP
Highlighting the extent of the abuse faced by MPs, he claimed that at one point police had informed him that a Labour supporter had been arrested for making a death threat against him, but that party officials had failed to inform him.
wfcw Labour in turmoil over claims of infiltration by Trotskyists
11 Aug 2016
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Labour’s civil war en­tered a bit­ter new phase last night with Jeremy Cor­byn and his deputy, Tom Wat­son, locked in a pub­lic dis­pute about whether the party risks be­ing taken over by hard-left ac­tivists driven out in the 1980s.
Wat­son sent the leader’s of­fice a four-page doc­u­ment, based on pub­licly avail­able in­for­ma­tion, de­tail­ing what he said was ev­i­dence that Trot­sky­ists had been at­tend­ing meet­ings of the grass­roots pro-Cor­byn Mo­men­tum pres­sure group and seek­ing to in­flu­ence the lead­er­ship elec­tion.
wfcwCorbyn a 'danger' to British Jews, says ex chief rabbi
2 September 2018
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Labour can resolve its anti-Semitism crisis quickly, John McDonnell has said, insisting Jeremy Corbyn's views on Israel have been "misinterpreted".
The shadow chancellor told the BBC that the party should accept in full the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance guidelines on anti-Semitism, as long as free speech was protected.
But ex-Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks said Mr Corbyn must also "repent and recant".
Corbyn a 'danger' to British Jews, says ex chief rabbi
wfcwStella Creasy in stinging attack on Momentum group over deselection row
24 March 2016
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Labour star Stella Creasy today accused people in the Corbyn-backing Momentum group of trying to control “the levers of power” to deselect her party’s MPs.
Ms Creasy was listed as “hostile” to Jeremy Corbyn in a leaked loyalty list, and her supporters have clashed with left-wingers in her local party. Left-wingers took key positions in her local party and she faced a major protest after voting in favour of air-strikes in Syria.
wfcwThe International Section of the British Labour Party
15 December 2015
Labour International statement re Labour Internationalists

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Members may be aware of a new organisation being launched by a group of Labour party members, called Labour Internationalists. Labour International (LI) wants it to be clear that it is not connected with this group and has asked its founders to change its name.
Labour Internationalists has set up a website and has announced its intention to campaign against what it claims is a drift by Labour “away from its international foundations”. While LI acknowledges this new group has every right to campaign for what it believes, it in no way endorses the organisation and has called on it to change its name to avoid any confusion.
Labour International is the official international sector of the British Labour party, the constituency Labour party (CLP) representing members living temporarily or permanently outside the UK. It was launched in Brussels in 1973 and in Spain in the late 1980s and has now more than 2,400 members in 67 countries, with active groups and branches across the world.
wfcwMomentum wants to 'replace' local Labour Party branches, leaked minutes from Lambeth group show
17 Feb 2016
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Momentum, the hard-Left group backed by Jeremy Corbyn, wants to replace Labour Party branches because they are no longer “effective political spaces”, according to leaked minutes from a leading local group.
An email circulated by Lambeth Momentum – an area of London represented by leading moderate MP Chuka Umunna – told members that the group should now become the “replacement space” for activism until Labour is “politicised”.
The comments jar with public claims that the group supports Labour and will fuel fears it is planning a Militant-style takeover to force through the adoption of left-wing policies.
There are concerns that Momentum, formed from Mr Corbyn’s successful leadership campaign, wants to become a “party within a party” after The Telegraph revealed plans for the group to scale up its activities.
wfcwLabour Internationalists
Towards a Realignment of the Left
2 January 2016
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The following article has been co-written by James Bloodworth, Martyn Hudson and Prof. Alan Johnson. The project that is proposed in this article is not one that has any direct links to Labour Internationalists as it is focussed on the wider political left and not just the UK Labour Party. However, the authors have agreed to have this posted on this site.

Some of us think a ‘Stop the War’ shaped, anti-western foreign policy is at best a useless pose and at worst a sell out of our natural allies around the world (democrats, liberals, feminists, free trade unionists, two-staters), and a betrayal of our deepest values (democracy, anti-totalitarianism, gender, sexual and racial equality, liberty, national self-determination, internationalism and human flourishing). This left looks to ‘proxy’ forces, like its Islamist and Stalinist friends, to win its battles for it, without understanding that these forces are the enemies of internationalism.

wfcwAbout Labour Internationalists
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European Socialist LogoLabour Internationalists will be formally launched shortly. It is a group of UK Labour Party members and supporters who believe that the party is in danger of abandoning its commitment to Internationalism.
We intend to stop this from happening, and we hope that you will join us when we launch.

This website has been established with the help of a large number of Labour Party activists and supporters, including the following people (all in a personal capacity):
Matt Strong, (Manchester Withington CLP), Craig Cheney (Bristol East CLP), Sharon O’Dea (Richmond Park CLP), Prof Alan Johnson (Affiliate supporter, Unite), Martin Bright (Finchley & Golders Green CLP), Stuart Bruce (Elmet & Rothwell CLP), Mohammed Ahmed (Stretford & Urmston CLP) Adrian McMenamin (Hornsey & Wood Green CLP), Julie Minns (Vauxhall CLP), Neil Nerva (Hampstead & Kilburn CLP), Deborah Williams (Greenwich & Woolwich CLP), Gary Kent (Beckenham CLP & Labour Friends of Iraq), Anne Showstack Sassoon (Vauxhall CLP), James Patterson (Hornsey & Wood Green CLP), Luke Akehurst (Oxford East CLP), Mary Wimbury (Clwyd West CLP), Alan Griffiths (West Ham CLP), Lorin Bell-Cross (Camberwell & Peckham CLP), Debbie Simone (Poplar & Limehouse CLP) and Bernard Collier (Brent Central CLP).

We are a loose affiliation of grassroots Labour people and we are not the same organisation as the Labour International CLP (representing Labour Party members who are living abroad).

wfcwLabour Internationalists
Open letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP

8 December 2015
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This is an open letter from a group of Labour Party members and supporters who are concerned about the UK Labour Party’s drift away from its Internationalist foundations.
Open letter  
Nelson at Trafalgar in 2015

Nelson: "Order the signal, Hardy."

Hardy: "Aye, aye sir."

Nelson: "Hold on, this isn't what I dictated to Flags. What's the meaning of this?"

Hardy: "Sorry sir?"

Nelson (reading aloud): “ England expects every person to do his or her duty, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious persuasion or disability.' - What gobbledygook is this for God's sake?"

Hardy: "Admiralty policy, I'm afraid, sir. We're an equal opportunities employer now.
We had the devil's own job getting “ England " past the censors, lest it be considered racist."

Nelson: "Gadzooks, Hardy. Hand me my pipe and tobacco."

Hardy: "Sorry sir. All naval vessels have now been designated smoke-free working environments."

Nelson: "In that case, break open the rum ration. Let us splice the main brace to steel the men before battle."

Hardy: "The rum ration has been abolished, Admiral. Its part of the Government's policy on binge drinking.."

Nelson: "Damn it man! We are on the eve of the greatest sea battle in history.
We must advance with all dispatch. Report from the crow's nest, please."

Hardy: "That won't be possible, sir."

Nelson: "What?"

Hardy: "Health and Safety have closed the crow's nest, sir. No harness; and they said that rope ladders don't meet regulations. They won't let anyone up there until proper scaffolding can be erected."

Nelson: "Then get me the ship's carpenter without delay, Hardy."

Hardy: "He's busy knocking up a wheelchair access to the foredeck Admiral."

Nelson: "Wheelchair access? I've never heard anything so absurd."

Hardy: "Health and safety again, sir. We have to provide a barrier- free environment for the differently abled."

Nelson: "Differently abled? I've only one arm and one eye and I refuse even to hear mention of the word. I didn't rise to the rank of admiral by playing the disability card."

Hardy: "Actually, sir, you did. The Royal Navy is under- represented in the areas of visual impairment and limb deficiency."

Nelson: "I've never heard such infamy. Break out the cannon and tell the men to stand by to engage the enemy."

Hardy: "The men are a bit worried about shooting at anyone, Admiral."

Nelson: "What? This is mutiny!"

Hardy: "It's not that, sir. It's just that they're afraid of being charged with murder if they actually kill anyone. There are a couple of legal-aid lawyers on board, watching everyone like hawks."

Nelson: "Then how are we to sink the Frenchies and the Spanish?"

Hardy: "Actually, sir, we're not."

Nelson: "We're not?"

Hardy: "No, sir. The French and the Spanish are our European partners now. According to the Common Fisheries Policy, we shouldn't even be in this stretch of water. We could get hit with a claim for compensation."

Nelson: "But you must hate a Frenchman as you hate the devil."

Hardy: "I wouldn't let the ship's diversity coordinator hear you saying that sir. You'll be up on disciplinary report."

Nelson: "You must consider every man an enemy, who speaks ill of your King."

Hardy: "Not any more, sir. We must be inclusive in this multicultural age.  Now put on your Kevlar vest; it's the rules. It could save your life"

Nelson: "Don't tell me - Health and Safety. Whatever happened to rum, sodomy and the lash?"

Hardy: As I explained, sir, rum is off the menu! And there's a ban on corporal punishment."

Nelson: "What about sodomy?"

Hardy: "I believe that is now legal, sir."

"In that case

................. Kiss me, Hardy."