Introduction - Tower Block Safety
see also "My Objectives"

On the night of 17 June 2017 a 24 storey tower block in London caught fire and 72 people died.  This need not have happened.  Simple application of the laws of physics indicates that the design was dangerous and similar, but less lethal, fires had already occurred.

There are may other people in London and other British cities who are living in similar blocks.  Sadly in the two and a half years since the fire, nothing has changed fundamentally to improve their safety.

From the point of view of my education and experience in physics I present these notes which describe the failures which have created these dangers and offer suggestions for a safer future for those who are still living in towers which the chief of the London Fire Brigade described as "death traps".

These notes consist of two parts:

  1. Post Grenfell Tower Block Safety - A description of the problem and ending with an appeal for safer Alternatives
  2. Refuge Flats - A plan for a safer way of dealing with fires under similar circumstances in the future.

I welcome comments and suggestions, particularly from those who are directly affected by this problem.

Eddy Hunt, BSc. MSc. PhD.
18 January 2020